Green Oolongs

Taiwanese Oolongs


Individual Teas.

Price/Vendor Guides. These aren’t necessarily intended to be used as a way to shop but a way to be smarter about how you shop.

Vendor profiles, covering their tea, Taiwanese tea culture, etc.

Tasting Notes. Episodes of TeaDB where we drank Taiwanese Oolongs:


Everlasting Tea

Floating Leaves

Jade Leaf


Origin Tea

Taiwan Sourcing

Tea from Taiwan





2 responses to “Taiwanese Oolongs”

  1. Alan Levine Avatar
    Alan Levine

    I was wondering where can I purchase the 1940’s gold coins from your last episode.
    by the way my son is Sammy Levine from Everlasting Teas(Taiwanese oolongs)

    Enjoy your videos. great info.

    1. James Avatar

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately this tea was a gift from Su and is not for sale. We used the last bit of it I have for this episode.


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