2009 Dayi Menghai Tea Factory 7542 901 [Episode 211]

Not a rerun! This is a tasting of the first raw pu’erh we ever brought onto the show, the classic Dayi recipe 7542.



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Big Region. Small Region. Tree Age.

Pu’erh marketing is filled with noise that ranges from the mildly inaccurate to absurdist comedy. One of the most important lessons you learn early is to filter out out information that isn’t important. In the end most of us can come to an agreement that the most important thing is the tea quality, taste and your own enjoyment. That is a lot easier said than done when trying to figure out what to try online. Information and descriptions still play a key role in decision making for purchases. You may just say sample.. But none of us want to or can afford to try everything. This is also the treacherous land of pu’erh, where you will be far better off playing the role of the skeptic until proven otherwise. A vendor like TwoDog has gone so far as to basically refuse to give out any information on his teas. He’s received a fair amount of negative feedback but his point remains. With so much BS out there, do those cookie cutter pu’erh descriptions (xx village, yy tree age, etc.) mean anything at all? Continue reading

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Teas Unique Mt. Jiri Sejak [Episode 210]

A green tea from 2016, grown in Mt. Jiri mountain. This tea is a Sejak, or the second picking of the season.

Mt. Jiri Teas

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2015 Yunnan Sourcing Huirun Ripe Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 129]

This episode, James reviews the 2015 Yunnan Sourcing Huirun. Made from a blend of Bulang material and is one of Scott’s nicer ripe pu’erh productions.

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2007 Xizihao Kuzhushan [Episode 209]

A 2007 production from Simao Prefecture in the Kuzhu area. This is a semi-aged raw pu’erh, that is fairly dynamic and constantly shifting between a couple different profiles.

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10 Non-Tea Items To Help You Get Started With Puerh – Guest Post w/Garrett

Garrett is a local tea friend of mine who I drink pu’erh with regularly for the past two years. He’s appeared in a few inbetweenisodes and you can follow him on Instagram at islikewater.

Maybe you have tried a few samples of pu’erh, scoured the internet for articles on brewing techniques and want to brew gongfu style but you don’t have the necessary equipment. Maybe you want to move away from that big 300ml+ tea pot you’ve been using and you’ve seen starter gong fu sets for sale. Are these good deals?  What do I really need to get started with gong fu process of brewing and enjoying pu’erh? Continue reading

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Floating Leaves Three Roast Dongding [Episode 208]

Three roast Dongding from Floating Leaves. A nicely processed and roasted oolong, that’s a bit different from your standard charcoal roasted Dongding oolong.

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Buying Teas on Taobao [Inbetweenisode 128]

This episode, James walks through the logistics of buying teas on Taobao.


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2005 Biyunhao Manzhuan [Episode 207]

A Manzhuan production from Taiwanese boutique, private label.

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Xizihao Report & Tasting Note Compilation

Xizi Hao is a boutique Taiwanese pu’erh brand. With Xizi Hao coming available from Taiwan, I’ve decided to release a few of my notes from my google spreadsheets of tea notes. Unlike other reports these teas were not sessioned in close succession of each other. Thank you to Emmett for sending me a few of these recently. Continue reading

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