Simple Home Storage Solutions

Pu’erh storage is as complicated as you want to make it. But it’s also an issue that needs to be addressed for anyone with a stash. Keeping your pu’erh in open air or close to aromas is a good way to slowly ruin it. Pumidor is a scary sounding word and can represent overly elaborate, endlessly complex solutions.. For instance there are some pu-heads that have hand-built a sealed non-aromatic wood box from scratch with multiple humidifiers and hygrometers. Or installed a fishtank heater to emulate the humidity of more humid storage. This can all be a bit intimidating for someone just getting started with a cake or two. There’s also an appeal in keeping it simple. In many ways, the more complex the solution the more points of stress or concern. Maybe you’re just tipping your toes into the water and have a couple cakes or maybe you prefer a minimalist approach to tea. Either way, it is very possible to create simple, workable solution that don’t involve adding humidity or hygrometers. Continue reading

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Extended Episode Pu’erh Regional Primer [Inbetweenisode 124]

An extended episode covering the big pu’erh regions of Yunnan. References to babelcarp and a couple of the regional TeaDB articles.

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2007 Yibang Chamasi Mansa [Episode 202]

A production by Yibang Chamasi (formerly Tailian) featuring supposedly eastern Yiwu area material. Aged and priced well to be a daily drinker. Acquired from Toby via The Jade Leaf.

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2016 White2Tea Hot Brandy [Episode 201]

Episode 201 features the experimental Hot Brandy cake from White2Tea. The Hot Brandy is a mix of Yunnan white and black tea pressed into a tea cake.

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Baseball Closers, 99 Bottles of Wine (Drink Your Damn Tea & Buy the Good Shit)

In major league baseball a team’s best relief pitcher is nearly always their closer. For years, the closer has been only used under very specific criteria. (a) Their team is ahead by three runs or less (b) there is one inning left. As advanced statistics and improved game theory have seeped into the sport, some teams have realized that this is a mistake. For instance… Utilizing a team’s best pitcher sometime in the middle of the game can make a lot of sense if stakes are sufficiently high. This logic has slowly caught on amongst some analytical savvy managers, some traditionalists continue to prefer waiting for a “save situation” and have suffered the consequences. This infamously occurred in the 2016 playoffs when long-time manager Buck Showalter never put in the best relief pitcher of the year in a winner takes all game, waiting for a lead that never came. Continue reading

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2016 Crimson Lotus Tea Space Girls w/Glen of CLT [Inbetweenisode 123]

Filmed at Phoenix Teashop in Burien, Washington. This episode features Glen of Crimson Lotus Tea and their 2016 Space Girls blend. Discussion also includes teaware as well as Glen and Lamu’s up and coming trip to Yunnan.

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2007 Chenyuan Hao Lao Banzhang [Episode 200]

Special episode 200, where Denny and James dress up very properly to enjoy the 2007 Chenyuan Hao Lao Banzhang. Thank you to Su and Phyll for the tea.

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2000 Menghai Tea Factory Red Ribbon Tuo [Inbetweenisode 122]

A 2000 Menghai Tea Factory Tuo production stored in Taiwan and featured in one of Toby’s Curated Boxes. A good quality, tippy production. Thanks to the Cavemanking for sending it.

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2014 Wuyi Origin Laocong Shuixian [Episode 199]

A 2014 Old Bush Shuixian Yancha from Cindy Chen at Wuyi Origin.


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Five Things I Like and Don’t Like. Group Buys, Buying Off the Shelf, Old Trees, YS Wet Teas.

Things that have been occurring in the tea world that I like and dislike..

Group Buys

Group buys have been popping up with increasing frequency over the past 1.5 years. They can be a very good way to try teas, often very inexpensively. When there’s a markup it’s nearly always smaller than a vendor and you’ll usually get very fair value for your money. It’s also worth doing, because there’s a lot of learning that can happen when people are drinking and discussing the same teas. Here’s a couple public ones worth mentioning: Continue reading

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