2006 Hailang Hao Jin Hai Lang via YS [Episode 220]

In this episode, Denny and James bring on a decade old ripe pu’erh from Yunnan Sourcing. It is a well-balanced, creamy, clean ripe pu’erh. Big thank you to Ryan for sharing this tea with us.

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Pu’erh Storage with Garrett [Inbetweenisode 137]

This episode, James is rejoined by Garrett for a discussion of pu’erh storage. Specifically covers Garrett’s own experiences storing pu’erh in Seattle with crocks and a cheap, second-hand pumidor.

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2004 Heshihua Jingmai via Bana Tea [Episode 219]

This episode Denny and James drink a Jingmai semi-aged pu’erh from Bana Tea. A well-balanced brew with a really nice huigan.

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Western Tea Culture & Tea Hermits

Whenever I’ve been to Taiwan or Hong Kong, I’m reminded of the solitude of being a western drinker. In tea hotspots out east, you learn about teas by drinking with other people, shop owners, hobbyists, etc. You can explore different tea shops, drinking and talking about tea with other people. And while there’s plenty of writing online about different teas, tea as a hobby is a very social and interactive experience. In the west, most of us more closely resemble crazy, gongfu hermits. Outside of a few assorted tea shops there’s not really much tea culture in America and Europe that resembles east Asia. We may occasionally read an article online or watch a video, most (or all) of us do our gongfu sessions by ourselves or if we’re lucky with one other person. This presents some dangers in how we are developing habits and acquiring knowledge. Continue reading

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2007 Yangqing Hao Qizhong Raw Pu’erh w/Garrett [Inbetweenisode 136]

This episode features a good pufriend, Garrett and a favorite of both James and Garrett, the 2007 YQH Qizhong. Brewed in Garrett’s tea cavern.

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Morning Crane Tea Balhyocha [Episode 218]

This episode James and Denny review an interesting, complex, and unique Balhyocha from Arthur over at Morning Crane Tea. Check out this informative article on Balhyocha from Arthur.



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1999 Yichanghao Yiwu Raw Pu’erh [Episode 217]

This episode, Denny and James review the 1999 Yichanghao Yiwu. This is a famous tea from the turn of the century and a sample was generously given to James during his 2017 trip to Asia.

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Travel Write-Up (JP + TW + HK)

I recently had the privilege of traveling to Asia for the third time. Within 3.5 weeks I traveled to Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. I wasn’t going to write anything originally, but a slow chatter of emails and messages have convinced me to type up a report. The trip was primarily not tea-related, I did manage to squeeze some tea experiences in along the way. My apologies for those looking for something 100% strictly tea. Continue reading

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2004 Date Fragrance Ripe Pu’erh Brick [Inbetweenisode 135]

This episode, James brings on a humble, daily drinking ripe pu’erh brick from one of Toby’s boxes.


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1980s Xiaguan Xiao Fa Tuo Ripe Pu’erh [Episode 216]

This episode, James and Denny bring on a much older version of one of Denny’s favorite daily ripe teas, the Xiaguan Xiao Fa Tuo. Thanks to Bev for providing it.

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