Give me Guangdong or Give me Death. Factory Tea Report

Young pu and now factory tea. Aren’t you the guy that published that super-negative Xiaguan report. At least young pu’erh is popular in our western pu’erh community. Who the hell is talking about factory tea in the west? Other than the odd cake here or there, or a LP/Toby group buy most of our pu’erh drinkers are chugging White2Tea, Bitter Leaf, Yunnan Sourcing, Essence of Tea, Crimson Lotus, etc. Then we have another collection of drinkers buying up Yangqing Hao and Wistaria. Factory pu’erh is the neglected child, that is championed amongst some old school drinkers, a group of drinkers that isn’t really represented in the western pu-sphere. Continue reading

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2004 YQH Teji [Teas I Own] — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #109

One of my favorite (2004 YQH Teji), nicer teas to celebrate a move.

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Floating Leaves Tea’s Muzha Tieguanyin [Episode 180]

A Taiwanese, high-fired roasted Tieguanyin from local tea shop, Floating Leaves.

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2016 White2Tea Untitled02 — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #108

First video of W2T’s 2016 line. The 2016 Untitled02 is towards the top of the W2T premium line and has a robust bass with good depth and energy.

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1998 Evening Fragrant Jade via Bana Tea [Episode 179]

A very relaxing, subtle older pu’erh from Bana Tea.

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Home Storage Pumidor Survey

Standard Chinese instructions for storing pu’erh: Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.
How to eliminate all aroma, dry out your pu’erh, and/or stagnate the aging process in most areas of the west: Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

Pu’erh storage for aging in the west is complex. This is largely due to two factors. (a) You’re probably a hobbyist and have enough pu’erh to horrify your relatives and significant other but not enough to fill an entire room. Pu’erh tends to do better in a high density of tea to space, which actually makes it easier for a vendor to store pu’erh. This holds less true if you are indeed a maniac with a room of cakes (#lifegoals). (b) The second problem is the considerably drier climates in Europe and North America. Kunming has a reputation as a pu’erh purgatory, but a good chunk of the west is even drier than Kunming, not to mention Taiwan or Hong Kong. As a result, many people have resorted to DIY storage solutions to combat these. I’ve been chatting with a number of people that have been storing some quantities of pu’erh since 2007-2008 in the effort to research some of the earlier efforts of hobbyists home storing pu’erh. Continue reading

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Pu’erh Vendor Markup — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #107

A video followup to a series of articles on TeaDB. Screencast was meant to be on for the bulk of the video. Sorry guys!

Vendor Markup

Vendor Markup Followup

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1960s Teabag via Wu Zhong Hang [Episode 178]

An allegedly very old teabag from Wu Zhong Hang.

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Wu Zhong Hang Yuansheng [Episode 177]

A supposedly best-selling oolong from a shop in the Yongkang area of Taipei. Thanks to Gio for sending this!

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FOMO. 2016 Premium Young Tea Report

If you have been living in a cave with your pu’erh stash for the past 15 years and arejust reemerging to restock your stash, I have some news for you. You should’ve bought apple stock. And google. And loads of pu’erh. Young pu’erh is  expensive now. There was a time not so long age when three figure young pu’erh was considered an outrage. Now it’s commonplace and very easy to spend over $100 for a tiny little 200g beeng that may not even be that good. Continue reading

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