Wu Zhong Hang Yuansheng [Episode 177]

A supposedly best-selling oolong from a shop in the Yongkang area of Taipei. Thanks to Gio for sending this!

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FOMO. 2016 Premium Young Tea Report

If you have been living in a cave with your pu’erh stash for the past 15 years and arejust reemerging to restock your stash, I have some news for you. You should’ve bought apple stock. And google. And loads of pu’erh. Young pu’erh is  expensive now. There was a time not so long age when three figure young pu’erh was considered an outrage. Now it’s commonplace and very easy to spend over $100 for a tiny little 200g beeng that may not even be that good. Continue reading

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Old Whitey & Hoplite Oolong — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #106

Back for another episode.. Old Whitey & Hoplite (Yancha) are featured in the September W2T Club.

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2007 Xiangyi Zhuan Hunan Heicha via YS [Episode 176]

The final episode of our mini-series on Fuzhuans. This tea is more similar to semi-aged raw pu’erh and has a distinctively strong, ripe fruit aroma and taste to it. Sample courteously supplied by Scott.


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Extended Episode, Taobao & 2005 Xiaguan FT8653-5 — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #105

An experimental extended episode that talks about shopping for teas on taobao, factory tea, and finally a tasting of the 2005 Xiaguan FT8653-5.

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2014 Gaojia Shan Guan Gong Fuzhuan via YS [Episode 175]

The rancid side of Hunan Fuzhuan. This yellow flowered tea also comes from Scott at Yunnan Sourcing. The 2014 Gaojia Shan Guan Gong..

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Blind Spots (in the Western Market)

The west is a tiny blimp in the Chinese specialty tea market. Having had the experience of traveling and shopped for tea in Taiwan and Hong Kong it gives me some idea of how the market looks in parts of east Asia where tea culture is strong. There are some teas where the west does generally well and gives some access to. There are others where we have to pay a bit more and have limited access. And then there’s blind spots where the market where what we have access to is a pale shell of the real deal. Continue reading

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1990s Commissioned Orange Label via Varat — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #104

Traditionally stored in HK, this is a very nice example of traditionally stored sheng courtesy of Varat. Thanks!

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Hunan Tianjian Heichas via YS [Episode 174]

This episode, Denny and James drink a pair of heichas from Scott of Yunnan Sourcing. Both teas are somewhat different from what we’re used to but are very easy to enjoy.

Gao Jia Benshan

Gao Jia Shan Wulong Shan

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1970s Fuzhuan via Varat — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #103

A mellow, aged Fuzhuan courtesy of Varat of the Guide to Pu’erh Tea blog. Thanks for this fun, mellow treat!

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