WuyiOrigin Old Bush Dusk **** Aroma [Episode 229]

Otherwise known as Laocong Yashi Xiang. Thank you Cindy for this very tasting oolong!


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Does Pu’erh Increase in Value? Part 1. Big Factory Pu’erh Recipes

When I investigated the teas that western vendors tend to sell (tldr: young raw pu’erh), the topic of pu’erhs value over time was brought up. In that post, I found that the average cost of a young raw pu’erh listed on western vendor’s sites tended to be less expensive than the semi-aged (7-15yrs+) or ripe teas that were listed. You shouldn’t read too much into this as it’s an imperfect comparison. The most obvious flaw is that the source material isn’t the same. There’s no quantitative way to measure the quality of the leaf, which makes the question of value over time tricky to answer. This article kicks off a series of posts looking at the pu’erh market. Continue reading

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2008 Dayi 8582 801 Raw Pu’erh feat. 2005 8582 [Inbetweenisode 144]

This episode, James continues his exploration of Taiwan stored 8582, with the 2008 version. This is also a solid tea and is starting to mellow to a more drinkable state. At the end of the episode, James compares the 2005 version from the previous episode vs. the 2008 one.

Special thanks to Marco for providing the tea.

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1999 Xiaguan All Red Neifei 8653 [Episode 228]

Strong, punch, potent, retired smoke this is a semi-aged factory tea that does not go down without a fight.

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2005 Dayi 8582 502 Raw Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 143]

This episode, James covers one of the famous raw pu’erh recipes from Dayi, the 8582. He drinks a semi-aged version, previously stored in Taiwan.

Special thanks to Marco for providing the tea.

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TShop’s Yushan, Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong [Episode 227]

A crisp, tasty green high mountain oolong from TShop. Extremely refreshing with good depth and huigan.

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The Western Pu’erh Scene is Really Dominated by Modern Young Pu’erh

For people looking to learn about pu’erh I usually recommend picking a western-facing, pu’erh-centric, vendor and ordering a bunch of samples that cover a few different categories (my suggestion: young raw pu’erh, semi-aged raw pu’erh, and ripe pu’erh). Most pu’erh vendors feature teas from two or all three categories but the focus of pu’erh-centered western vendors has drifted towards just one of those three — young raw pu’erh. Continue reading

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WuyiOrigin Qidan Wuyi Oolong with Meet [Inbetweenisode 142]

This episode features perennial guest, Meet for some more of his favorite tea, Yancha. They drink James’ regular brew of the last year, WuyiOrigin’s Qidan.

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2008 White Tea via Healthy Leaf [Episode 226]

An aged white tea from Healthy Leaf. This is a very pleasant, smooth tea that still tastes like white tea with some moderate aged elements.


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2006 Fengqing 7811 Raw Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 141]

This episode, James brings on a premium, tippy, extremely powerful pu’erh from Best Tea House. Thanks to Bev at http://listeningtoleaves.blogspot.com/ for the very generous sample.

2006 Fengqing 7811

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