2019 Pu’erh from Western Vendors are More Expensive Than Ever. Three Ways to Look at Price.

I’ve been updating a spreadsheet on pu’erh prices on release for the past few years in order to get an idea of tea being offered to western consumers and any possible trends. The well-known popular narrative is that fresh pu’erh prices have gone up and this certainly seems true in the data. Last year the prices looked about the same as the previous year. And when and how much the price has gone up depends on how we look at this and there’s a handful of different ways to look at the data and options available (I do three here).

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2018 W2T Censers White Tea [Episode 344]

In this video, Denny and I drink a pressed white tea blend from White2Tea. The tea is still quite fresh but dynamic and quite complex. https://white2tea.com/

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1974 Everlasting Tea’s Baozhong Aged Oolong [Episode 343]

This episode, Denny and I drink a very old oolong (~45 years old!). It is remarkably clean, with an earthy smooth profile. For me this makes the ultimate comfort tea that is warming to the core and highly enjoyable.


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Mei Leaf Lapsang Hongcha Black Tea [Episode 342]

This episode, Denny and I drink a black tea from popular youtube channel and vendor, Mei Leaf. It’s been one of the most requested video requests we get, so we decided to bring it on. Thank you to Achim for gifting me some of this tea.


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VORT & VOATO. Nerdy Tea Comparisons.


In sports analytics (baseball and basketball), there’s a couple of new(ish) advanced metrics that have caught traction over the past decade. One is VORP, which stands for Value Over Replacement Player and measures a player’s contribution compared with what a theoretical placement player might. This is typically measured in baseball as runs with the player being measured vs. a replacement player. Another somewhat similar metric, is WAR or Wins Above Replacement. This is measured in wins. The methodologies for these vary across sports, but involve aggregating data together in some sort of a model.

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2005 Chenyuan Hao Shanzhong Chuanqi Raw Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 213]

In this episode, I give the 2005 Chenyuan Hao Shanzhong Chuanqi another go. This is a six famous mountains blend I’ve sampled a few times and each time my own impression of the tea has shifted. The tea is dark, strong, with an undercurrent of energy. Thank you to Marco and the folks over at Teas We Like for sending another sample my way.

Rating: 7.3


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Tributary Teas Light Roast Lishan [Episode 341]

This episode we drink another Lishan mountain tea from Tributary Teas. This one is their light roast, which forms a nice contrast with the greener, crisper, more verdant Lishan we previously reviewed.


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Five Things I Like & Dislike. Short-Term Pumidors, B&B Sheng of the Day, Buying Pu’erh on Amazon

Five things I like & dislike.

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1990s Liuan Heicha [Episode 340]

This episode, we drink an aged Heicha kindly provided by tea friend Atlas. Liuan is a type of Heicha grown in Anhui and is often consumed with part of the bamboo basket it is stored in.

The tea has a fun and interesting aged profile with depth and complexity.

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2019 Biyun Hao Yiwu Huangshan Raw Pu’erh [Episode 339]

We drink a very high-quality, small-production Yiwu tea. The tea is made by Biyun Hao a Taizhong based pu’erh vendor. Unfortunately this tea is not available but a few are.

Thank you to the folks over at Teas We Like for providing the tea. You can check out TWL for other BYH products.


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