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Why Shelf-Stored Pu’erh Storage in the West Is Usually Bad

(un)wise words: If you’re comfortable in your living environment, pu’erh will also age well in that environment. In the search for information on pu’erh storage you’ll sometimes come across folk-wisdom like this that makes longer term pu’erh storage seem awfully … Continue reading

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Five things I Like & Dislike COVID19 Edition…

Five things I like & dislike COVID19 Edition… Very Slow International Shipping The most obvious thing and a clear dislike. We now have all kinds of time at home for tea. But unfortunately international shipping, especially from China, has grinded … Continue reading

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The Gift of Skepticism. Why Having a Suspicious Outlook in the Online Tea World Can Be Beneficial

Occasionally I get asked what advice I’d give myself if I were starting over in tea. There’s a lot of things I could do. I’d undoubtedly point myself towards better sources and away from worst ones. I’d probably choose to … Continue reading

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Hobby Crossover in Western Tea Culture

On instagram a few years ago, I was looking at a tea profile and immediately felt a sense of familiarity that dated back. After massaging my brain, I realized I knew them as an online personality from Blizzard RTS gaming … Continue reading

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Five More Things I Like & Dislike. Tea Meetups, Non-Tea Review Content, Aging White Tea, Exploring A Tea Category.

Five more things I like & dislike. Tea Meetups & Online Tea Meetups (Written before Covid19) I’ve become more aware of some different meetups happening. This is very good. Chinese tea in the west is too often a solo venture.

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An Attempt to Look atPu’eh Price Over Time. & A Look at 7542s Over ~20 Years

Recently, a new site called Sinensis Research posted an article titled Is Pu’er a Good Investment?. It’s an interesting project looking at the price per weight of tea being sold by a number of vendors. The goal is essentially an … Continue reading

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How My Tastes Have Changed & Settled

One question I get asked is how my tastes have changed since getting into tea. I’ve consumed tea intentionally as a hobby for around 8 years now and while TeaDB serves as a nice document for looking and reflecting back … Continue reading

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Young Sheng Variety Pack. The Western Tea Scene Has Loads of Young Sheng Options

In my first couple years of drinking pu’erh I sampled heavily. Many vendors and many different teas. While I originally did not go into it with a goal of trying specifically young pu’erh, this ended up making a pretty strong … Continue reading

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Storage is Wicked. Long & Short Feedback Loops. Innovation in Pu’erh Storage

David Epstein’s book Range makes the case for generalization in a world that has become increasingly specialized. One of the ways the book categorizes areas of interest are as wicked and kind environments. Kind environments are where information and feedback … Continue reading

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2020 Tea Progress Report

I’ve stored tea for around six years now in Seattle and while I’ve fussed a bit over a few small things, the methodology has been overall consistent. The pu’erh has been stored in an enclosed container with Boveda packs to … Continue reading

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