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Advice I’d Give to Someone Just Starting With Pu’erh

One good thing about TeaDB is it encompaseses a large chunk of Denny and my tea journey. This includes when we were new and fresh in the western tea world and while it results in some early embarrassing episodes, it also … Continue reading

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Correcting Your Storage & Preventing Mold. What are Safe Parameters?

So you got mold? This is a real risk for anyone aging pu’erh, especially those with setups designed to add some form of humidity. After you deal with the immediate outbreak, you essentially have two options. Scrap your setup and … Continue reading

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How Much Does Ripe Pu’erh Cost from Western Vendors?

Since I’ve crunched a bunch of numbers for other pu’erh categories, I figured I should do the same for ripe pu’erh. Ripe pu’erh is not exactly the most talked about tea, but it is generally considered to be affordable and … Continue reading

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YQH Retrospective & The YQH Value Spot

In our small little westerm tea community, there was quite a stir over YQH in 2015 and 2016. I’ll personally admit to being caught up in both the dialog and purchasing of these teas. YQH remains available via Emmett, the most important … Continue reading

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Tea-Side, Vendor Profile & Interview

I had the pleasure of meeting tea vendors and Russian expats Valerii and Jane when I went to Chiang Mai. I had not been planning on any tea meetups on this trip, but Valerii happened to see I was traveling … Continue reading

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Some Reasons You Should Consider Aging More Oolong & Less Pu’erh

Sometimes when I’m sipping a particularly delicious aged oolong, I’ll glance over at my tea fridge and then to my wine cooler and get some major self doubt. I enjoy drinking pu’erh and happen to own enough that I’ll be … Continue reading

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Rare Tea: Dry-Stored 1980s/1990s Zhongcha 7542

It wouldn’t be without the generosity of experienced tea hands that I’d be able to do posts like these. A sample was provided by Peter from a cake from Su’s collcetion. Thank you to both of you! About the Tea This … Continue reading

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Datapost: The Dearth of Aged Pu’erh Available From Western Facing Vendors

It’s no secret that aged pu’erh is scarce out west. The western vendor scene is dominated by vendors traveling to Yunnan bringing back predominantly young tea to sell. For this exercise, I added all of the older teas from western vendors … Continue reading

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Five (+1) More Things I Like & Dislike. People Complaining About Price Hikes, Community Group Buys…

Five more things I like & dislike..

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Missteps & Regrets on TeaDB

In the five years of TeaDB, we’ve made plenty of mistakes and said countless of dumb things in our hours of airtime on TeaDB. This is a list of areas where in retrospect I feel like I would’ve done stuff differently.

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