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Stamp Collecting Experiences. Dangers of a Single Session Sample

Stamp collecting in the pu’erh world means buying single cakes of a bunch of different teas. The appeal is obvious. A cake is a decent quantity of tea, especially for a single person, and you can chisel a little at … Continue reading

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Five Things I Like & Dislike. Marco’s Hotbox, Flying Blind, Sharing Tea..

More things i like & dislike. Marco’s Hotbox Experiment Read here: I am pro hotbox experiment. This 1.5 year long test will help to address how much of an impact heat has on the maturation of tea. Even … Continue reading

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A Look at Prices From 2011-2018 Through Nine Yunnan Sourcing Productions

In 2012, Yunnan Sourcing released a spring Wuliang tea that sold for $23/400g. Since then, Scott has pressed five more spring Wuliangs, most recently in 2018. This time it was priced at $43/400g, an effective price raise of 87%. This … Continue reading

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Tea Progress Report – Washington State Stored Tea 2019

This is an extremely overdue tea drinking report. It was conceived for two reasons. (1) I recently reconfigured my storage into a larger setup. (2) I have a yearly tradition of picking some teas out of deep storage to retry … Continue reading

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How We Think About Storage.. The Storage Spectrum. Is Storing Pu’erh at a Constant 70RH in a Box OK?

Pumidors are bad. Sealed storage is bad. No airflow is bad, you’re suffocating the tea. Too much airflow is bad, you’ll suck out the aroma. Your tea is drying out. Heated storage is bad. Other than a few select controversial … Continue reading

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Shop Like It’s 2012. One Way to Think About and Find Value.

I got into tea in 2012. One of the first things I did was read everything I could in the western tea scene. This included old forum posts, new forum posts, blogs like Marshaln, Half-Dipper and the Chadao Blogspot. One … Continue reading

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Datapost: 2018 Pu’erh Prices are More of the Same

About a year ago, I used the Way Back Machine/ to go back and examine the prices at conception of tea from western vendors since 2011. This was a valuable exercise and produced some interesting findings on a range of … Continue reading

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Five More Things I Like & Dislike. Western Storage = Humid? YT Videos @ 1.5-2x Speed. Binghole Samples.

Things I like & dislike.

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2018 Tea & TeaDB Reflections

2018 has been a year where I’ve continued to settle into regular habits of drinking my own tea rather than a year of exploration. I still very much enjoy drinking tea and have it at least once daily but the hobby … Continue reading

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Old Tea: 1967 Baozhong

I picked up this tea from a vendor in Taiwan in 2017. Generally speaking, I lean skeptical of age and even moreso extreme claims of this extent. But I spent considerable time with this vendor and trust them more than … Continue reading

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