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5 responses to “Pu’erh”

  1. chris Avatar

    Hey guys, happy to come across your youtube channel! I was wondering if you have info/resources on suppliers or online shops in the US (that also deliver to Western NY), for tea and tea ware?


    1. Garrett Avatar


      Check out the vendor profiles portion of this list, every vendor (minus Yangqing Hao) carries both tea & teaware that is deliverable to NY. For teaware specific sites you may also check out:

      Happy tea drinking,


  2. Daniel Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    Which PuErh cakes are completely 100% pesticide, fertilizer and chemical free? I know that sometimes they spray the weeds around it but I want a tea without even that. Hand picked and hand processed with no chemicals for many years on the field. I know I have to trust certain growers or retailers but I need a place where they guarantee it and show that they haven’t sprayed or used chemicals in many years. Thank you!

    1. Jonny (山内) Avatar
      Jonny (山内)

      Check out Yunnan Sourcing’s own organic Pu’erh all have been certified and tested

  3. Jack Avatar

    Hi there

    i leave in Switzerlandi am doing some personal research on Pu erh tea and TeaDunk effects as a substitute to alcohol and THC,
    i am actually looking for some help, more details and information about this kind of tea, the varieties of tea that makes you really drunk or high and their effects.

    i have discover a lot of info but many different and very confusing
    i understood that to get this effects it has to be a “age raw Pu erh tea” or “age raw white tea”
    and the more minerals is in the tea, the more it has effects.
    is that right?

    Could you give me some advices and maybe guide me to find the best tea on the market that could have the strongest drunk/high effect?

    If you wish and if you have time, i ll be happy to have a phone talk.


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