Tea Sourcing, Premium Ripe Pu’erh, & Tea Processing. With Glen of Crimson Lotus Tea [IBS 161]

This episode James & Glen of Crimson Lotus Tea, have a conversation about their tea business. The 2018 trip to Yunnan marks the fifth tea sourcing trip for Glen & Lamu, and we discuss how their business & sourcing has evolved since they pressed their first productions in 2014. Other topics include the growing popularity of premium ripe pu’erh and tea processing.

Big thank you to Glen for appearing on the video and being a recurring guest for the past five years.


Also checkout Crimson Lotus Tea’s original appearance on the show.

4 responses to “Tea Sourcing, Premium Ripe Pu’erh, & Tea Processing. With Glen of Crimson Lotus Tea [IBS 161]”

  1. Great video and info!

    Speaking of high end shou, I believe Yunnan Sourcing offers a Hai Lang Hao Lao Banzhang ripe thats $700 +. I can’t imagine paying that much but I’m sure it’s great.

    • I think the cost of this brick takes into the risk of fermenting Lao Ban Zhang material which reflects somewhat what Glen and James discuss in their conversation.
      Personally, I tip my hat to Hai Lang in undertaking this as its a brave and courageous undertaking, (if not somewhat a little crazy.)
      Its great that there are some people coming through, including Crimson Tea that are willing to take such risks to develop shu productions that maybe more risky and costly than the big factory productions but a delight to both experience and help develop the Puerh world.

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