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2015 White2Tea Ol Reliable Ripe Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 178]

This episode I revisit the Ol Reliable ripe pue’rh from White2Tea. This is intended as a steady daily drinker and is priced accordingly. This is one of my very last sessions with this cake. 5.9 Rating.

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Moychay Pasha Hongcha [Episode 282]

This episode Denny and I drink a very interesting and unique Hongcha from a Russian vendor, Moychay. The Russian tea scene is one of the largest scenes and in many ways surpasses the English speaking tea scene. Moychay is one … Continue reading

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Rare Tea: 1970s Ripe Tuocha

This tea was generously gifted to me by Su as a wedding gift. Thanks so much for your generosity! About the Tea (& Is it Legit?) Ripe pu’erh was invented in the 1970s, so this represents an extremely early specimen. … Continue reading

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10+ Year Old Loose Traditionally Stored Ripe Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 176]

This episode I drink one of my daily teas I picked up in Hong Kong that’s unfortunately not available. This is a traditionally stored loose ripe that has a fairly different profile from normal ripe tea. Very chuggable tea for … Continue reading

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2005 Changtai Jingpin Raw Pu’erh via Farwenwa (US Stored) [Inbetweenisode 175]

This episode I drink a Washington state stored raw pu’erh. The tea is the Changtai Jingpin, which was stored a couple hours east of Seattle. I think the dry-storage has treated this tea (which probably wasn’t overly aggressive to begin … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Marco’s Hotbox Storage Experiment [Inbetweenisode 174]

This episode, I talk on Marco’s fascinating experiment where he heats up his pu’erh in a cooler (kept at a fairly steady humidity). It’s only one year in, but there’s a lot of food for thought!

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2018 Crimson Lotus Tea Guoyoulin (Yiwu) Raw Pu’erh [Episode 276]

This episode we drink a premium Yiwu from Crimson Lotus Tea. Very fresh, premium young tea with huge leaves. Thanks to Glen & Lamu for the sample.

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Q&A. Vendor + Tea Recommendations, Tea Books, Judging Pu’erh, etc. [Inbetweenisode 173]

This episode I answer a series of questions on tea, covering a pretty wide range of topics. Topics include vendors for aged oolongs, water, tea books, caffeine content, judging pu’erh, and some pu’erh recommendations. Thanks for all the great questions … Continue reading

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Farmer Chen’s Primitive Charcoal Light Roast Lishan [Episode 275]

We drink Farmer Chen’s Lightly Roasted Lishan Tea. This one is very similar but also a little bit different from a few generes of Taiwanese oolongs. Thanks to Nug at Dead Leaves Club for the sample. You can find more … Continue reading

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2006 Yangqing Hao Qixiang Raw Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 172]

This episode, I drink another Yangqing Hao raw pu’erh. This one is purportedly a spring only blend of the six famous mountains. It is softer and quite different than the 2007s with deceptive strength. 6.5 Rating.

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