Pu’erh Tea Inventory & Tins

Pu’erh Inventory

I will be announcing all pu’erh purchases I make in that are over a cake. This can be viewed here. This page will be live and updated as I buy tea. The purpose is to promote transparency and provide insight into what I actually do buy, which the video reviews and tea of the months may or may not indicate very well.

Tea Vendor Quantity Price Cake Size $/g Date Bought Purpose
2009 Yongde DXS Fine Pu’er 5 $58.00 500 $0.12 1/2015 Store/Drink Now/Reference
2014 Bulang Beauty Tea Urchin 1 $99.00 357 $0.28 2/2015 Store
2012 Miles Birthday Blend Tea Urchin 1 $169.00 357 $0.47 2/2015 Store/Drink Now/Reference
2006 CNNP Yiwu Fine Pu’er 1 $28.00 357 $0.08 2/2015 Blind
2012 Sanhezhai Yunnan Sourcing 2 $39.00 400 $0.10 2/2015 Store
2012 Wujiazhai Yunnan Sourcing 1 $46.00 400 $0.12 2/2015 Blind
2012 Wuliang Yunnan Sourcing 1 $36.00 400 $0.09 2/2015 Drink Now/Reference
2007 CGHT Yiwu Chawang Houde Asian 3 $85.50 357 $0.24 6/2015 Drink Now/Store
2007 JMT Guangbien Laozhai Houde Asian 3 $129.50 357 $0.36 6/2015 Drink Now/Store
2015 Little Walk White2Tea 1 $19.50 200 $0.09 6/2015 Blind

Pu'erh Stash


I drink pu’erh in alot of ways. However, one thing I commonly do is break off large chunks of my cakes/bricks/tuos and toss them into small, cheap, non-airtight tins I buy from Daiso. This serves a couple purposes. It is nice because I can break off a number of sessions all at once rather than breaking from a cake constantly. For traditionally-stored pu’erh it also serves the purpose of breaking it up and partially airing it out. As a note, none of these teas tend to be particularly special to me, but very functionally drinkable.

Raw Tins

Tea Vendor
1980s Wild Arbor Origin Tea
1982 Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Tea Crafts
1990s Bazhong Origin Tea
1990s HK Style White2Tea
2000 Fuyuanchang Origin Tea
2001 Dingxing Taobao
2002 White Whale White2Tea
2002 Yiwu Ancient Spirit Yunnan Sourcing
2004 Jianshen White2Tea
2005 Fengqing Zhuan Teavivre
2006 Old Bear White2Tea
2006 Yunhai Nannuo White2Tea
2008 Xiaguan Happy Tuo Chawangshop
2012 Purple Spring Yiwu Yunnan Sourcing
2012 Wuliang Yunnan Sourcing
2013 Xiangming Yunnan Sourcing
Ripe Tins
Tea Vendor
1997 7581 Yunnan Sourcing
1998 White Tuo White2Tea
2011/2012 Yong de Organic Yunnan Sourcing

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