2005 Mengku Zhengshan Daye (YS) [Episode 159]

A good value, mature pu’erh for those that like the cooling/camphor sensations associated.

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Pu’erh as RTS Resource Management

According to Youtube’s analytics, TeaDB’s video audience is 87% male, nearly half falling into the 25-34 demographic. Denny and I also fall squarely into the middle of both of these categories. From this data we could theoretically cross market things that “normal people” like.. Movies, cars, fantasy football, etc. However, given our status as nerds, I’m more likely to draw a different conclusion.. That many of you grew up playing a Blizzard RTS.. Starcraft or Warcraft 3. Continue reading

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Interview w/Emilio of The Jade Leaf [Taiwan Tapes] — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #82

This episode features Emilio, a potter based in Taipei who specializes in handmade and wood-fired teaware. Check out his wares at The Jade Leaf.

No tea this episode.. Just teaware. Big thanks to Emilio for appearing!

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Essence of Tea’s 2013 Bairuixiang [Episode 158]

A high-end Yancha from Essence of Tea. Thanks to Richard for the sample!

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1990s Paperless Cake [Taiwan Tapes] — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #81

Episode 81 features tea friend, Garrett, and an aged paperless HK-style cake purchased in Taiwan.

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2015 Red Yiwu Seasonal Comparison (Bana Tea) [Episode 157]

Spring vs. Summer vs. Autumn comparison of Bana Tea‘s Red Yiwu. Material is all from 2015.

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Loose vs. Compressed Tea & A Riff on Aged Loose Pu’erh

There’s lots of tea that doesn’t strictly fit the definition of pu’erh. Border tea grown from the neighboring Laos or Burma does not technically fit the definition for pu’erh, likely excluding things like 1990s Tongqing Hao. Some definitions of pu’erh also restrict the plant to being the large leaf varietal which would make some of the traditional growing places technically not pu’erh (i.e. Yibang, Jingmai, etc.). However.. There’s no such exclusion for loose tea that’s grown in Yunnan and processed as pu’erh but left in its loose form. Pu’erh was originally compressed principally for ease of transport and not necessarily for shape. The issue of transport is a lot simpler in present day than the six famous mountains days and it’s a lot easier to ship loose leaf tea around the globe inexpensively and quickly. Still loose leaf pu’erh is not fashionable and often excluded from western vendor’s catalog as well as most meaningful discussion. Why is that? Continue reading

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2003 Wistaria Qingteng [Taiwan Tapes] — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #80

Episode 80 kicks off a series of episodes with James traveling in Taiwan. Today is a production from the classic teahouse Wistaria.

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2012 Denong Lao Banzhang (Bana Tea) [Episode 156]

Tea from the uber-hyped Lao Banzhang region. Thanks to Linda Louie over at Bana Tea for the sample.

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2011 Fuding, 2009 Yiwu W2T Mar Club — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #79

Two part episode featuring guest star Meet and the W2T March Tea Club. Teas covered are 2011 Fuding Baicha and 2009 dry-stored Yiwu.

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