2001 Dingxing Hao via Jiujiucha (Taobao) [Episode 73]

NOTE/Disclaimer: Since filming this, exchanging samples with someone else who bought this tea and simply doing more research, it’s become pretty clear to me that this tea (as most acquired in this fashion) is probably not what is actually advertised. That being said, the tea review still stands on its own.

In episode 73, Denny & James review a pu’erh of questionable origins (supposedly 2001 Dingxing Hao) acquired via Taobao. To buy from Taobao you need a Taobao agent (we used Cheap Agency).

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Crimson Lotus Tea, Featured Vendor

The vendor profile for Crimson Lotus Tea is a part of our Pu’erh Tea Vendor Series, covering a number of Pu’erh-centric vendors that sell to the west. This interview was conducted with Glen of Crimson Lotus Tea.

Crimson Lotus Tea is one of the newest and hottest vendors in the pu’erh scene. Formed in late 2013, Crimson Lotus is based in Seattle and is composed of the husband/wife duo of Glen and Lamu Bowers. Lamu was originally from Yunnan, creating an instant familial connection to the land of pu’erh. The pair made their first sourcing trip to Yunnan in Spring 2014 (they also got married on the same trip!). The sourcing trip was well documented on their blog and resulted in a diverse range of pu’erh, Crimson Lotus brand cakes, teapets, and Jianshui teaware offered on their site. Crimson Lotus Tea fits firmly into the curated pu’erh vendor category with a small but eclectic selection of raw and ripe pu’erh. Continue reading

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1990s Menghai Grade A Tuo Cha via Tea Classico [Episode 72]

In episode 72, Denny & James review a deliciously dry-stored raw pu’erh from a new vendor, Tea Classico. The tea reviewed is a 1990s Menghai Grade A Tuo.

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Special Guest: White Forest Oolong via Tealet [Episode 71]

In episode 71, Denny & James welcome back special guests Rie and Elyse from Tealet. Episode 71 covers the genre bending, the White Forest Oolong sourced from Nepal.

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Pu’erh Regions: Eastern Xishuangbanna, Mengla County, Yiwu + Youle

This article frequently references and links to babelcarp. Babelcarp is a Chinese Tea Lexicon that is an essential resource for tea nerds that want to dive in further and don’t understand Chinese! This article also sources many maps from a TeaChat thread, original sources vary.

Pu’erh is frequently sold by its geographical farming location. Teas are marketed as being from Yiwu, Banzhang, and Bingdao. These areas exist as physical areas but also serve as important marketing terms for pu’erh. Hot regions like Banzhang or Bingdao can fetch extremely high price tags. Learning these regions are an important part in understanding new school pu’erh as well as the regional terroir of Yunnan. The southernmost prefecture in Yunnan, Xishuangbanna is arguably the most important prefecture within Yunnan for pu’erh. Xishuangbanna is home to Menghai Tea Factory and the six famous tea mountains. It is also where most examples of aged pu’erh base material originates from. In the last 20 years, the pu’erh boom is extremely apparent in Xishuangbanna, an area that generally fetches the highest price for their tea. Within Xishuangbanna, there are dramatically different flavor profiles, from the soft, pleasant aftertaste of Yiwu to the bold and brash Bulang. This post will focus on the eastern regions of Xishuangbanna, which includes the greater Yiwu region, most of which falls under Mengla County. Continue reading

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Special Guest: Hawaiian Rainforest White via Tealet [Episode 70]

In episode 70, Denny & James welcome special guests Rie and Elyse from Tealet onto the show. This episode we cover a US-grown tea, the Hawaiian Rainforest White.

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Teavivre’s Organic Bai Mu Dan [Episode 69]

In episode 69, Denny & James review continue the second half of their series on Teavivre‘s white teas. This time it is the more robust, sweet Bai Mu Dan.

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