Ai Lao Mountain Yunnan Sourcing Black [Episode 63]

A personal recommendation from Denny. Yunnan Sourcing’s Ai Lao Mountain Black. A good, durable performer from Yunnan Sourcing.

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The Price of Menghai Tea Factory Recipes: Taobao & Other Purchasing Options

Menghai Tea Factory. The gold standard of ripe pu’erh and the producer of famous benchmark raw pu’erhs from the 1980s and 1990s. If you purchase legitimate Menghai, it is usually thought of as a safe buy. Dayi has the reach to make these recipes consistent year to year and while there is a higher price associated with the brand, you are paying for a reliable tea factory with a proven track record (Dayi tea is also liquid). This article examines a number of different routes available to purchase young Dayi plantation recipes. One advantage to purchasing pu’erh, especially classic recipes like these is the ability to research the price compared with the Chinese market price (Taobao). Continue reading

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2002 CNNP Tiepai White2Tea Ripe Pu’erh [Episode 62]

The final episode in our series on White2Tea. This episode covers a wet-stored ripe pu’erh with a classic recipe (7572). Dark and creamy this is a well-above average ripe pu’erh.

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Nannuo Pu’erh [June 2014 Tea Drinking Report]

Every month, I dedicate it to one type of tea. This means I drink that genre of tea in some form at least once a day. This could mean gong-fu, grandpa, or even a cold-brew. I’ll still consume other teas, but the primary focus is understanding and building a palate for a specific type/genre/region of tea through repetition. This the most personal blogging type style of post for TeaDB, and the goal is to stretch my palate as well as give recommendations to interested parties. I had so many different teas this month that my notes were especially useful for this write-up.

Vendors ordered from:

Primary tea producers:

  • Mengyang Guoyan (Yunnan Sourcing)
  • Hai Lang Hao (Yunnan Sourcing)
  • Yunnan Sourcing

Also featuring:

  • Ruiyuan, Taochaju, Yunhai, (White2Tea)
  • Mingsheng Hao, Nannuoshan Tea Factory, Changtai (Cha Wang Shop)
  • CNNP, Guan Zi Zai (Yunnan Sourcing)
  • Chen Yuan Hao (Origin Tea)
  • Supermarket Pu’erh (Tienxi/Uwajimaya)

Continue reading

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2007 Repave White2Tea Raw Pu’erh [Episode 61]

The second episode on a White2Tea tea. This episode is a 2014 White2Tea production the freshly pressed 2007 Repave. The mao cha was aged for seven years before being pressed by TwoDog.

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Pu’erh Factories: Why Buy from a Big Factory? Feat. Menghai, Xiaguan

Pu’erh brands play an important role in the marketing and selling of samples, cakes and tongs of pu’erh tea. This is far more pronounced in the Yunnan-based pu’erh when compared with their Fujian-based Yancha selling counterparts or Taiwanese oolong selling merchants. This has resulted in some fascinating convolutions within the pu’erh scene… CNNP sold their name and wrappers to anyone willing to pay, seemingly every operations specialist at Menghai formed their own factory (1,2,3), and forgery continues to be a major issue. This is true for not only highly-priced gushu and expensive aged tea but Menghai plantation tea! The pu’erh market also has a tendency to attach itself to brands and certain recipes (see 7542 speculation) and even a brand that has been protective over their reputation like Menghai, has had their recipes blatantly copied until it was deemed illegal in 2005. Continue reading

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2005/2014 Manzhuan White2Tea Raw Pu’erh [Episode 60]

The first of a three episode series on White2Tea and their selection. This episode is a comparative tasting featuring TwoDog’s 2005 Manzhuan (Xiangming Factory) and 2014 Manzhuan (a White2Tea production).

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