Cross Tea Price Comparisons

I’ve written in the past about relative price comparisons and a couple different models of how we frame tea cost. Tea vs. coffee. Tea vs. wine, etc. How about inner-tea comparisons. Aged pu’erh frequently gets put up against younger tea, Taiwanese Oolong high-mountain tea, low-elevation, Yancha. One comparison I only occasionally see made is types of tea put up against one another. If you focus too heavily on specifics of raw pu’erh like 2015 $100/beeng gushu A vs. 2015 $120/beeng gushu B, it can be easy to miss the big picture. You may forget that according to your taste perhaps raw pu’erh as a whole is under or overvalued. Instead of asking if a $0.40/g ripe pu’erh is twice as good as $0.20/g ripe pu’erh, maybe you should ask if you’d rather have the $0.40/g ripe pu’erh or $0.40/g Taiwanese Gaoshan. This is a casual, fun little thought experiment that tries to make these comparisons. As expected, It’s impossible to make this comparison clean. Vendor markup varies one to one, but here’s what I would choose at these ranges! Continue reading

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2014 Chenyuan Hao Bingdao via Teapals — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #50

A sample supplied by Grill. Thanks! This tea is sold by Malaysia based, Teapals.

This is an interesting, premium tea from a region that I’m only starting to be come a little familiar with. Very educational and interesting tea.

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Yunnan Sourcing’s 2015 Green Miracle Ripe Pu’erh [Episode 126]

A lightly fermented ripe pu’erh from Yunnan Sourcing.  Good base material and tasty now, but will likely improve with time.

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Tea Reports 2015 & 2016, Soliciting Feedback & Looking Forward

As many of you may have noticed the tea of the month reports haven’t exactly been on schedule. They’ve often gone longer than expected and I still have countless unfinished samples which I am trying to drink through. First things first.. I’ll be finishing the last two reports at the end of 2015, Taiwanese oolongs to age & the box (aka aged oolongs). While it may seem premature to brainstorm/discuss how to continue these sorts of reports, it often takes a time to get these together without placing extraneous orders. These reports are the most personal tea journeyish projects that I do on TeaDB, but I’d certainly be curious to solicit some feedback. Continue reading

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Late Steeps… 2015 White2Tea Last Thoughts — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #49

This episode explores the later steeps of White2Tea’s Last Thoughts after taking a several hour break from the tea.

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White2Tea’s 2015 Bosch [Episode 125]

One of James’ favorites from White2Tea’s 2015 pu’erh lineup, the Bosch.

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Can’t I Just Settle Down? Menghai County Raw Pu’erh [September 2015 Tea Drinking Report]

Shoutouts to Meng, Carolyn, Bellmont, and Dignitea for providing teas for this month and allowing the content to be what it is!

Menghai County Part 2! This is the last of the pu’erh reports for 2015. I’ll be traveling to Taiwan and Hong Kong in October and will finish up the year with a pair of oolong reports (more on this later week). It also probably represents the last young pu’erh report for quite sometime (more on this later in the report and next week). Similar to the last Menghai report, this is a continuation of the previous year’s Nannuo and Bulang reports. Continue reading

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2012 Denong Lao Banzhang via Bana Tea — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #48

Denong’s invigorating 2012 Lao Banzhang purportedly from one of the most famous and most expensive tea mountains.

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Essence of Tea’s 2011 Zhulian Dancong Yancha [Episode 124]

A delicious Yancha from Essence of Tea. The roast has worn down nicely, putting this tea in a great place to drink!

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Essence of Tea’s 2014 Yunyun & 2015 Yunya — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #47

A pair of very decent mid-range teas from Essence of Tea. Yunyun and Yunya were harvested from the same Menghai County village in different years.

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