2007 Bo Nan Shan – Yunnan Sourcing – InBetweenIsode #14 w/ Denny

Cheap buy but just fine!

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Yunnan Sourcing’s 2012 Yong de Blue — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #14

Inbetweenisode #14 covers a great daily-drinking ripe pu’erh that is very much to James’ taste, 2012 Yong de Blue. If you liked the Yong de Organic Ripe pu’erh covered in inbetweenisode #1 this is an excellent alternate.

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Shang Tea’s 2007 White Tea [Episode 90]

Denny and James review an aged white tea from white tea specialists, Shang Tea. This tea was processed as a white tea in 2007 and was pressed into brick form.

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Ripe Pu’erh Shopping. What does your Money Buy?

Tea quality and price aren’t exactly cause and effect. There’s alot of factors that go into pricing tea and there’s a reason why hunting white labels can be lucrative. It’s important to know what exactly goes into the pricing of tea, in order to know where your money is going and to most obviously not get ripped off. Ripe pu’erh occupies a different niche for most tea drinkers compared with raw pu’erh. For many that specialize in other tea genres like Taiwanese oolongs or Tieguanyin, it is their easy-drinking pu’erh of choice. Inexpensive young raw pu’erh is often quite harsh and ripe pu’erh is a far cheaper alternative to drinking aged raw pu’erh. However, there are also more serious drinkers of ripe pu’erh that seek out higher-quality, premium ripe pu’erh. This article will break down the pricing factors and categories of ripe pu’erh. Continue reading

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2011 Nan Jian Organic Mushroom Tuo from Yunnan Sourcing – InBetweenIsode #14 w/ Denny

A ripe pu-er and some delicious Colombia coffee!!

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Tea Urchin’s 2014 Bulang Beauty — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #13

Inbetweenisode Episode #13 covers Tea Urchin’s 2014 Bulang Beauty, a cake cut with some Lao Banzhang. If you have the money this will probably age quite well (or if you like young, strong sheng!). A good comparison with White2Tea’s New Amerykah.

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Yin Ming Hao’s 1980s Raw Pu’erh [Episode 89]

Denny and James review an aged raw pu’erh, Yin Ming Hao’s 1980s raw pu’erh. Sold by Tea Classico and sent our way by Cwyn of http://deathbytea.blogspot.com/ .

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Master One Tea – InBetweenIsode #12 w/ Denny

A short episode about using one tea as a subject for mastery by daily brewing.

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Essential Gong-Fu Teaware — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #12

Inbetweenisode Episode #12 from James. A short episode that covers the basics of what you need to get started brewing gong-fu style!

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White2Tea’s Big Tree Red [Episode 88]

Denny and James review a very above average Yunnan Red (black) tea, White2Tea’s Big Tree Red.

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