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Simple Home Storage Solutions

Pu’erh storage is as complicated as you want to make it. But it’s also an issue that needs to be addressed for anyone with a stash. Keeping your pu’erh in open air or close to aromas is a good way to … Continue reading

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Extended Episode Pu’erh Regional Primer [Inbetweenisode 124]

An extended episode covering the big pu’erh regions of Yunnan. References to babelcarp and a couple of the regional TeaDB articles.

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Baseball Closers, 99 Bottles of Wine (Drink Your Damn Tea & Buy the Good Shit)

In major league baseball a team’s best relief pitcher is nearly always their closer. For years, the closer has been only used under very specific criteria. (a) Their team is ahead by three runs or less (b) there is one … Continue reading

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2016 Crimson Lotus Tea Space Girls w/Glen of CLT [Inbetweenisode 123]

Filmed at Phoenix Teashop in Burien, Washington. This episode features Glen of Crimson Lotus Tea and their 2016 Space Girls blend. Discussion also includes teaware as well as Glen and Lamu’s up and coming trip to Yunnan.

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Early Yunnan Sourcing Production Aging Mini-Report & Some Pu’erh Thoughts

Many of the original pu’erh productions by western-facing vendor were in the 2009 or 2010 and principally done by Essence of Tea and Yunnan Sourcing. A lot has changed since then, and while there’s the odd production that has stayed … Continue reading

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Pu’erh for Beginners

The pu’erh compendium and vendor guide were written nearly three years ago and the content on this site has become increasingly pu’erh focused. This is fine for those of us already living in a house made out of bamboo tongs, … Continue reading

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Tea Drinking Reflections 2016 & 15 Cake Challenge 2017

In what is becoming a yearly tradition, I spent too much and bought too much in 2016.  An extended trip to Asia didn’t help matters. Unlike 2015 I’m actually pretty happy with what I spent money on. Part of this … Continue reading

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Selecting Teas from Taobao & Recommended Taobao Vendors

I covered how to buy from taobao through an agent in the previous post. Knowing how to order is only part of the battle. There is literally an ocean of teas on taobao and samples are not normally offered. While there … Continue reading

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Extended Episode, Grandpa Style & Gongfu. 2003 Brown Changtai [Inbetweenisode 115]

An extended episode that shows James brewing a light traditionally stored 2003 Brown Changtai in both grandpa style and gong-fu style brewing. Relevant: Tea is provided courtesy of Toby ( and Emilio (

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How to Order Tea from Taobao via an Agent

Buying through an agent for taobao isn’t terribly difficult. A lot of goods come from China and it’s natural for people to want to buy closer to the source. There’s a number of taobao agents to help satisfy the demand … Continue reading

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