Aging White Teas & Aged Whites w/Char (Oolong Owl) [Inbetweenisode 211]

In this episode, I have a conversation with Char, best known for her popular blog Oolong Owl. This is a longer video and we cover quite a range of material. We begin by talking about the the different types of white tea and their aging trajectories, where the aged white tea has been aged thus far, and finishing by discussing a few of the different school of thoughts on aging white tea and how a hobbyist might decide to do it.

One response to “Aging White Teas & Aged Whites w/Char (Oolong Owl) [Inbetweenisode 211]”

  1. Loved listening to you chat James & Char. Fascinating to learn about aged tea and a good primer for someone like me who’s just getting into this area. The 5-year mark also seems to be the sweet spot for me as a few older teas I’ve tried tasted less than perfect but I’m still learning!

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