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Young Sheng Variety Pack. The Western Tea Scene Has Loads of Young Sheng Options

In my first couple years of drinking pu’erh I sampled heavily. Many vendors and many different teas. While I originally did not go into it with a goal of trying specifically young pu’erh, this ended up making a pretty strong … Continue reading

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2020 Tea Progress Report

I’ve stored tea for around six years now in Seattle and while I’ve fussed a bit over a few small things, the methodology has been overall consistent. The pu’erh has been stored in an enclosed container with Boveda packs to … Continue reading

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2017 W2T Happy Anniversary Baby Raw Pu’erh [Episode 352]

This episode Denny and I drink a W2T production from 3 years ago. The tea is rumored to be an Yiwu and is decently punchy but with a good aftertaste and overall structure. Sent in by Atlas. Thank you!https://white2tea.com/

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Marco Hotbox Experiment (Bosch) Comparison

The most interesting storage experiment in the west is a heated cooler filled with mylar bags of pu’erh in Toronto. This is of course Marco’s hotbox experiment where cakes are conditioned to generate 63-69RH and then stored at fixed temperatures. … Continue reading

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2017 White2Tea Sunday Special Ripe Pu’erh [Episode 348]

This episode, Denny and I drink a thick, well-balanced ripe pu’erh from an old favorite. Thank you to shah8 for sending this tea in. I consumed this tea a couple years ago when it was released and it is interesting … Continue reading

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2019 Pu’erh from Western Vendors are More Expensive Than Ever. Three Ways to Look at Price.

I’ve been updating a spreadsheet on pu’erh prices on release for the past few years in order to get an idea of tea being offered to western consumers and any possible trends. The well-known popular narrative is that fresh pu’erh … Continue reading

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2018 W2T Censers White Tea [Episode 344]

In this video, Denny and I drink a pressed white tea blend from White2Tea. The tea is still quite fresh but dynamic and quite complex. https://white2tea.com/

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Aging Whites & Aged Whites. What I Learned From Char

Recently, Char (Oolong Owl) joined me for an inbetweenisode to discuss aging and aged white tea. Aged whites have become a topic of increasing interest in the west, and while Denny and I have brought a few onto the show … Continue reading

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Boutique Pu’erh. How Much of a Story Does the Top End of the Western Boutique Pu’erh Market Tell?

If you follow what gets said about prices each year, you would end up with the impression that the average price of tea has gone up. But more specifically the price at the most sought after regions (say Lao Banzhang, … Continue reading

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Aging White Teas & Aged Whites w/Char (Oolong Owl) [Inbetweenisode 211]

In this episode, I have a conversation with Char, best known for her popular blog Oolong Owl. This is a longer video and we cover quite a range of material. We begin by talking about the the different types of … Continue reading

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