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Western Vendor Pu’erh Prices at Conception have Risen Since 2011 (& Probably Before)

It’s common in the pu’erh-verse to note the seemingly always rising price of freshly produced tea. Every year more expensive than the last… Even with the limited scope of western-vendor labeled pu’erh, we can take a quick look at the … Continue reading

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Pu’erh Tea [Episode 256]

In the most anticipated TeaDB episode of all-time, James & Denny discuss The Amazing Health Benefits of Pu’erh Tea. The three health benefits are: (1) Aids digestion, (2) Weight Loss, and (3) Improves Memory. Music: Cool Blast – Disco Ultralounge … Continue reading

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2017 W2T Lumber Slut, Ripe Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 156]

This episode I review the irreverently named Lumber Slut. It’s a ripe pu’erh produced under the White2Tea label and right in the wheelhouse for those that like heavy wood flavors. Sorry for the sound quality as my phone didn’t record … Continue reading

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Western Brands are Very Different from Big Factory Tea

The data from this original post was originally taken from puer.cn, and isn’t totally complete (it’s probably missing some productions). The information is intended as a proxy to look at some trends. Here’s the dataset of White2Tea, Yunnan Sourcing, Dayi, … Continue reading

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You Can Buy Young Pu’erh From All Over Yunnan

The custom private label pu’erh has really thrived in the western market – with vendors increasingly sourcing their own pressings directly from Yunnan. This was a new thing for westerners back in 2009 when just Yunnan Sourcing and Essence of … Continue reading

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Don’t Call it Wet! YS Guangdong and Banna Stored Tastings

Yunnan Sourcing has quietly added quite a selection of semi-aged pu’erh stored in more humid conditions, not a bad feat for a vendor mainly known for Kunming dry-stored tea and the YS label. Getting the sample itch, I convinced my local … Continue reading

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2015 W2T Brown Sugar Ripe Pu’erh [Episode 234]

A 2015 ripe pu’erh from White2Tea. This is a smooth, thick brew for an inexpensive price. Recommended.

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2002 Yiwu Huangpian Brick Raw Pu’erh via W2T [Inbetweenisode 147]

This episode, James brings on a huangpian brick from White2Tea. Soft, mellow and smooth with an interesting and somewhat different aged character.

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2015 W2T Pretty Girls Ripe Pu’erh [Episode 231]

White2Tea’s premium ripe pu’erh brought onto TeaDB. A relatively strong ripe blend, for those that like their shu on the greener side.

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The Western Pu’erh Scene is Really Dominated by Modern Young Pu’erh

For people looking to learn about pu’erh I usually recommend picking a western-facing, pu’erh-centric, vendor and ordering a bunch of samples that cover a few different categories (my suggestion: young raw pu’erh, semi-aged raw pu’erh, and ripe pu’erh). Most pu’erh vendors … Continue reading

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