2009 Yiwu via W2T Raw Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 186]

This episode, I drink a semi-aged raw pu’erh from W2T. The tea is from one of my pu’erh areas, Yiwu and stands out for its decent storage, clean profile, and good aftertaste. Finding affordable Yiwu can be difficult and this one is solid and doesn’t cost too much.


2 responses to “2009 Yiwu via W2T Raw Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 186]”

  1. I got a couple of cakes of this when it came out, thinking to use one for daily drinking and holding on to the other. But I soon decided to keep both. I’ve been hitting it once a year, and my last session lines up pretty well with yours… it’s darkened up some, but is still not making really orange soup yet and still has rather a green taste.

    The longer I drink this stuff the older my current-drinking purchases get. When I got it I was thinking “yeah in 3 years I’ll have 10 year old tea!”

    I think this one is on track to be ready for daily rotation in another 4-5 years, if I guess my storage conditions right.

    • I like this tea. I think it has decent enough strength to feel confident about its trajectory, and also has a profile and aftertaste I enjoy. It’s probably something I’d choose to wait a bit longer before drinking too, but I don’t mind a session with it now.


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