Storage Deep Dive featuring 2006 CGHT Yiwu Yecha [Inbetweenisode 181]

This episode is a deep dive into looking at the storage . I recently acquired a duplicate . This is a cake I’ve kept in my own pumidor storage for three years and was previously stored in Houston Texas, a fairly humid place of the US compared with a cake I recently bought from taobao. The tea featured is the 2006 Chenguanghe tang Autumn Yiwu Yecha. It’s an alright tea, but the purpose of this episode is mainly to evaluate and attempt to analyze the storage.

In the episode I take a look at the humidity generated by the dry leaves of the cake, examine the visual differences of the dry and wet leaf, have a comparison tasting session, and finally drink the tea under more normal conditions. The episode concludes with some of my own takeaways.

If you are are pu’erh nerd or at all interested in storing pu’erh I think you will enjoy this episode. If you want to learn more about storage conditions, please check out some of our other storage related content.

Any feedback for this episode is highly appreciated!

Rating: 5.7.

2 responses to “Storage Deep Dive featuring 2006 CGHT Yiwu Yecha [Inbetweenisode 181]”

  1. James,

    So, in your opinion, how do you think your tea is aging compared with tea in Kunming? Your tea has constant temp and humidity, but Kunming natural has a wider temp range and humidity

    • Thanks Karl. That’s a good question and I definitely not have a 100% certain answer. If you put a gun to my head, I’d say that my aging is maybe around your replacement level Kunming storage, maybe slightly faster.


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