TeaDB Q&A #2 – Pu’erh Questions

A question & answer session featuring a number of pu’erh related questions asked in this video.

Thank you for your questions!

2 responses to “TeaDB Q&A #2 – Pu’erh Questions”

  1. Great Episode guys! Love it, keep it up!

    And oops I forgot to ask my question earlier for pu’erh but I’ll try now 😀

    The temperature in my pumidor is about 21°C (should be around 70°F) what would be the best humidity for my raw pu’erh? 🙂
    I’m struggeling a bit because everyone keeps their humidity a bit different..

    Cheers Eric

  2. Hey guys, I would love to ask you about your thoughts on oolong leaf ratios. Denny, you appear to go lighter than James on the leaf; I would love to hear you two discuss this. Do you adjust differently for a lighter roasted pouchong than a heavier roasted tea?

    Thanks, Oop#!

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