TAOBAO (& Pu’erh). A Conversation w/Garrett [Inbetweenisode 151]

In this episode, Garrett and James have an open-ended discussion on Taobao, a Chinese online shopping platform. We start by discussing how we originally started using Taobao, some of its uses to learn and explore tea, and how we found specific vendors on Taobao. About halfway through the episode we discuss agents (intermediaries that allow you to buy tea from Taobao) that we’ve used in the past with and the logistics involved. The episode concludes with a discussion of if we will order from Taobao in the future and the specific type of teas (i.e. factory tea) that we specifically look for. The episode concludes with some pros and cons that we both have of the buying platform.

This is NOT a how-to guide for taobao.


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