Ripe Pu’erh Learning & Basics [Episode 170]

This episode covers the basics of ripe pu’erh and how to brew it and get started on this very diverse category of tea. Teas included are the 2014 Yunnan Sourcing Year of the Horse Ripe and a 1990s HK-Stored ripe.

One response to “Ripe Pu’erh Learning & Basics [Episode 170]”

  1. Thank you for another wonderful video!

    James, I noticed you said that the material used for Ripe is usually *nearly identical* to what is used for Raw. I was under the impression, and have read in several cases, that it is the exact same. What kind of edge cases could I look out for that would give me a different experience?

    Also, TDB team, I would love to hear your thoughts on the gnarly tou-cha head tea. I realize it wasn’t really in the scope of the video, but after hearing you both speak on huangpian I think this could also be an interesting edge case to get your perspectives on. Like a lot of things in the pu’erh world, I get mixed impressions of it… high quality/low quality (based on it’s being tou-cha alone, I understand there is a spectrum thereafter) depending on where I read or who is trying to sell it.

    Likes X10,


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