Useful Pu’erh Resources/Blogs — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #41

Some useful websites for your pu’erh journey.




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12 responses to “Useful Pu’erh Resources/Blogs — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #41”

  1. Cwyn Avatar

    Thank you so much for the thumbs up for my filthy Pu rag. If I were to describe my style, it is Tea Filth for the Masses.

  2. shah8 Avatar

    Some expired blogs with content…

    I think that’s all of the high signal-noise ratio dead blogs that people might profit from reading. There are others, like John Grebe’s blog, but his is a bit narrow and didn’t last that long. Of course, there were/are a number of good Taiwanese blogs, but many of them got shuttered when Yahoo! shut down it’s blogging platform, so only people who’ve migrated onto other format still have content up, most famously that Urumqi dude.

    gotta google translate

    The other French blogs are too idiosyncratic to be that much of use. Particularly through the google translation. Still stone ages, for different reasons, in Germany and Russia.

    1. hgshepherd Avatar

      I’ve found that the Sheng-of-the-Day thread has some useful information as well, although the signal-to-noise can vary year by year. It features plenty of interesting contributions by the encyclopedic shah8 (perhaps you were too modest to include it in the above list).

      1. James Avatar

        Hi hgshepherd,

        Yes indeed. I considered shouting out this and TC as resources, but ended up deciding against it. Well worth checking out.


    2. Cwyn Avatar

      I’ll second the blog. Useful analysis on the puerh market and buying in general which comes down fairly firmly in favor of boutique western vendors over traditional factory tea. They do direct comparisons of year over year factory productions showing the decline in quality in recent years.

    3. James Avatar

      Thanks. Yep, all worth checking out! is an underexplored gem amongst the English audience.


  3. brian Avatar

    I enjoy reading through Tim Hsu’s old posts. Not sure if he’ll ever start up again

    Ignoring the only post of 2014 which isn’t tea related =D

  4. Rui A. Avatar
    Rui A.

    For the ones who do not mind to get a website translated into English or are able to read in French another website that I find useful is

    As well as the web links listed.

    1. James Avatar

      Thanks Rui!

  5. Fr. Cornelius Avatar
    Fr. Cornelius

    James, did I thank you for this posting? Terrific resource, this list of yours.

  6. Christina Avatar

    I hope you don’t mind the note, but I just started a review blog a few months ago at I don’t focus exclusively on puerh and there’s still a *lot* I need to learn, but I’d love people to check it out.

    Plus, Oolong Owl’s reviews are great and comprehensive:

    1. James Avatar

      Thanks for chiming in Christina!

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