2005 Naka via White2Tea [Episode 118]

A kinda calming tea. The 2005 Naka.






17 responses to “2005 Naka via White2Tea [Episode 118]”

  1. brian Avatar

    Did you try this tea in clay for any of your sessions?

    1. James Avatar

      Hi brian,

      I’ve become so accustomed to gaiwan use that the thought didn’t even cross my mind. That’s a fantastic idea though. I think the tea would come out very well. Will do so in the near future.


  2. Jonas Avatar

    Thanks again guys! Very interesting episode. Would you care to elaborate on how the chaqi experience developed after the camera went off?

    Have you any plans for making an extended episode about the chaqi?

    Maybe invite/visit an expert or something. It’s SO interesting, but not very much to find about it. It would be much appreciated 🙂


    1. James Avatar

      Hi Jonas,

      Thanks for the comment. It was much of the same. Kind of a gentle body relaxation. Chaqi is an elusive subject. Not sure who an expert would be.


  3. Phil Avatar

    Great episode, as usual. As for the ambiguity of what many refer to as qi, try a heavier dose of Naka and any ambiguity will melt away, as will much of your normal perceptions of reality. I did 13.6g in clay for a solo session that spanned most of a day. I typically use the word ‘energy’ as a stand-in for that subset of physical sensations (body-feel) that concern mental function. And after my little experiment, I am left to conclude that the Naka is a psychoactive substance. In terms of ‘energy’, for me, this tea is off the charts. Perhaps a recommended dose might be determined and printed on the wrapper: “Not to exceed X grams in a 24 hour period.” (I’m only partly joking, here.) While I like me some ‘energy’, I will probably use less leaf in future sessions. Thanks again for reviewing these interesting teas.

    1. James Avatar

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the comment.

      13.6g! You have my attention sir. Heavier dose + clay is a great idea though. Under these light parameters, the qi is definitely noticeable but doesn’t knock me over..


  4. Hannah Avatar

    Hey guys! Fun episode! Can you tell me who the woman tea blogger is you mention at the beginning of the episode? I can’t make out what you are saying and would love to read her blog.


    1. hgshepherd Avatar

      I haven’t watched the video yet but I’ll bet he’s referring to Cwyn’s Death by Tea blog at http://deathbytea.blogspot.com/

      1. James Avatar

        Hi hgshepherd,

        Yep! You are indeed correct.


  5. bellmont Avatar

    money sent. done. haha

    1. John Avatar

      You won’t regret it. A great tea!

    2. James Avatar

      thanks bruh.

  6. Bef Avatar

    Just tried the Naka for the first time this afternoon. Strong smoke taste in the first 5 steeps but it gets smooter after that. These leaves stay alive forever. I must have got over 20 steeps out of 4.5g in a 70 ml yixing, and I think I can still get a few more steeps out of these leaves.

    I found that this tea had a very cooling effect. Nice qi too, though I’m not quite sure if it’s the tea or my cold that had that effect on me…

    1. Grill Avatar

      Probably a bit of both. Definitely some good qi with this one, closer to the heady feeling I got from the xzh lbz (though not as strong) than the calm relaxing body highs of the good yiwus I’ve drank.

      1. James Avatar

        Thanks for the notes Bef and Grill. The qi I got off this is somewhat similar to the XZH LBZ. As you state it’s not as strong! Fun tea.


  7. Jake Avatar

    those damn pencil shavings 🙂

    1. James Avatar

      Damn them!

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