Oriental Beauty Teamasters Taiwanese Oolong [Episode 31]

James & Denny review another tea from Teamasters, a premium and immaculate Oriental Beauty. With a wonderful silky texture and characteristic sweet, honey notes this is a very nice tea.

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  1. Re rinsing: One of the reasons usually given for rinsing is to rermove dust, sediment, etc. from the tea leaves. I ask in reply why one would buy from vendors who sell teas with such “stuff” in / on them in the first place. Buy high-quality teas instead that do not need a rinse. You guys hinted at this very argument at the end of the video. (And perhaps Stephane would also agree with this line of reasoning.)

    • For teas from Taiwan and Japan this is certainly an option and for people that have the budget one worth exploring (rolled oolongs will be pretty weak on their first steep without a rinse, not necessarily a bad thing).

      For those trying to get the most bang for your buck this is less of an option as its far easier to find tea that needs a rinse then tea that does not need one.

      Also.. Compressed tea (Pu’erh) in general, specifically the ripe type will nearly always need at least one rinse even though it could be a very nice tea.

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