Everlasting Tea’s 1982 Baozhong [Episode 80]

In episode 80, Denny & James review another aged Baozhong. From 1982, this oolong is clean, plummy, with really interesting texture and represents a big contrast vs. the gardeny aged Baozhong from Episode 79 and the modern, green style Baozhong. Thanks to Jake from Drinking Teas for introducing this.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Another really nice ep. I am personally not too too fond of Oolong but always interesting to learn stuff about other types of tea. I am curious, why does Denny keeps his tea in garbage bags ? And where is the submit button to get free tea 😉

    I’m more of a ziplock kind of guy but that might be me just being overly too protective of my pu’erh’s 🙂

    Anyway, awesome Ep.

    • Hi Xavier,

      Thanks for the comment! I believe Denny loaded his tea into trash bags when he was moving and they have remained there for the past couple months. Beneath the trash exterior they are normally clothed in ziplocks.

      I’m afraid I will have to defer to Denny on the click for tea button ;).


  2. I didn’t understand the marijuana references at the start – not sure what they have to do with the aged BZ you chaps were tasting this time ’round. Maybe you could clarify. Too many black teas? Sure, send ’em my way! 🙂

    • Hi Peter,

      I’m afraid we are simply full of bad jokes. Here in Seattle we have been in the midst of a cannabis renaissance for the past 10 years. So much so that it is likely more acceptable and certainly more profitable (also legal) to be involved with the other green leaf!


  3. Hi guys
    It appears Everlasting tea is not everlasting….they are sold out. Are you hoarding aged oolong as well?
    Seriously: I have really enjoyed and appreciated your aged oolong episodes. I think Stephane (Tea Masters) made the point that for those of us in a dry North American climate aging oolong might be easier than trying to age pu’erh. Although Cwyn (Death by Tea) has a very cool post on using traditional North American crocks for pu’ erh aging. Anyway, I am really getting into the aged oolong. I find the flavour profile very complex, interesting and pleasing. Last weekend I did a back to back tasting of an aged Taiwanese oolong and a fresh version – lots of fun. I found the aged had a shadow of, or hinted at, the young fresh flavour profile. At the risk of exhausting another source of aged oolong I wanted to share that I have enjoyed the Aged Baozhong, Mi Xiang from Red Blossom Tea – somewhat unusual and different but I enjoy the flavour profile.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment! I, like you, am also drawn to aged oolongs + aging in a similar manner. If Stephane it is correct, it may actually be quite easy. I have a small amount of oolongs to age, but have yet to make any bulk purchase of oolongs to age. I suspect I will at some point.

      Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve heard interesting things about aged Dancong, but don’t have as much experience with them as aged Taiwanese Oolongs. If I order from Red Blossom I will be sure to include it.


    • Hey John,

      yea it does seem like we are not everlasting when it comes to certain batches! haha. sorry about our 1982 and 1972 baozhong being sold out.
      But i’m sure you know how it goes with certain batches. Once they run out, they are put in the archives!
      But have no fear, we are on the prowl for other aged baozhong’s that meet our standards in quality!

  4. Hi again
    I forgot to ask. When you are not stashing your tea in marijuana bags and garbage bags what do your recommend for storing aged oolongs? Can they stay in the vendor packaging or would you move them to an air tight ceramic container of some sort?

    • Hi John,

      Good question. That depends. For the clean ones I store them the same way I do other non-pu’erh teas. Airtight tins, ideally with minimal airspace.

      If they are wet, I treat them kinda like wet pu’erh and store them in air to get rid of some of that stank!

      Hope that helps and cheers!

  5. Hey James and Denny,

    Thanks for the great review! Unfortunately you received our aged baozhong near the tail end of inventory (as many have noticed we are now sold out) but I’m stoked that you both got to sample one of our favorite all time teas here at everlasting. Hopefully we can find some aged that rival our previous 82 and 72 in the near future.


    • Hi Sammy,

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear that was the end of the batch. I was secretly hoping there was more en route from Taiwan. Good luck with your tea hunting, I’m looking forward to future aged oolongs!


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