Da Yu Ling 102K Origin Tea Taiwanese High-Mountain Oolong [Episode 36]

James & Denny continue their 4-episode series on Origin Tea. In episode 36, they move slightly down the mountain from the 104K highway marker to 102K. This is a different tea than Origin Tea’s very green 104K or Fu Shou Shan and a good example of the diversity that Origin Tea has to offer.

4 responses to “Da Yu Ling 102K Origin Tea Taiwanese High-Mountain Oolong [Episode 36]”

  1. It was nice to see the wet leaves at the very end. Perhaps you could show us the dry and wet leaves for each tea that you brew, as they help in judging the quality of the tea.


    • Thanks Peter, good suggestion. We’ve filmed the next few eps, will definitely try to do that for future eps.


  2. +1 on Peter’s recommendation.

    You guys should think about running a kick-starter/crowd-funding project to raise money for a trip to Taiwan!

    • Great idea Connor :). I’d be lying if I said we hadn’t talked about it. Need to come up with something valuable to everyone to create if we were to go.

      As my interest in tea has increased, Taiwan has gone higher and higher up the list of desired travel destinations for me.

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