Dong Ding Eco-Cha Taiwanese Oolong [Episode 42]

Episode 42 begins a two-part series on some the Taiwanese Oolongs from Eco-Cha. This episodes focuses on a classically roasted Dong Ding. Read more about Dong Ding and Eco-Cha.

7 responses to “Dong Ding Eco-Cha Taiwanese Oolong [Episode 42]”

  1. Nice review. I’m looking forward to your thoughts next week about their Concubine, as that has been on my radar for some time now!

    Eco-Cha has lots of good info on their website — a veritable treasure trove. But they fail to provide info on the oxidation and roasting levels, as Philip has done on the TTC website. This is the type of info that is very important to me when it comes to choosing which teas to order.

    • Thanks Peter, that’s some very good feedback for them! I’ll relay it back to Nick as a suggestion.


      p.s. The Gui Fei was my favorite.

  2. Hey Peter,

    Thanks for the feedback. You make a great point and that’s something we can add quickly. We’re on it now and by the next time you check back you’ll see that info on our site.

    The roast spectrum of each of our teas is listed on the box, but you’re right, it’s not visible from the individual tea selections on our site. Thanks for pointing that out. We do have sections on our site that separate roast levels, but I see that it would be helpful to add them to each tea individually. Example here:

    We’ll add the oxidation levels as well.

    Thanks Peter!


    • Thanks for replying to my suggestions! I am scouting around for a new Taiwanese vendor, and Eco-Cha is high on my (short) list.

      • Two weeks later, and there is still no indication of oxidation and roast for each individual tea, in spite of Nick’s assurances to the contrary.

  3. Hi James and Denny,

    Thanks for the great and thorough review! I love the amount of general tea info you guys provide when reviewing a tea. It’s great that you’re spreading that knowledge.

    Thanks for taking the time to brew our Dong Ding and looking forward to sipping along as you taste the Concubine.


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