J-Tea’s 1982 Dong Ding [Episode 77]

In episode 77, Denny & James review a 1982 Dong Ding from J-Tea. Sweet and plummy, this is an excellent example of a well-aged oolong.

4 responses to “J-Tea’s 1982 Dong Ding [Episode 77]”

  1. All right. I have just ordered an ounce of this tea. Can´t wait to get it and get it in my pot…..
    Thanks for the episode!



    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the comment. Hope you like it! I think it is an excellent example of a clean, unreroasted and well-aged oolong.


    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the comment. As with many aged oolongs, it is very difficult to say its exact roasting level. At this stage, you can’t taste much of the roast at all.

      If I would venture to guess, I’d probably guess mid or high-fired. The older style of Dong Ding was to conduct a roast for a longer period of time at a lower overall temperature.


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