Taiwan Sourcing’s Lishan Tieguanyin [Episode 116]

A more normal TeaDB episode but featuring Scott Wilson (Yunnan Sourcing) and another important part of Yunnan Sourcing his wife (XY). This is Denny and James first taste of the Taiwanese teas of Taiwan Sourcing, with their Lishan Tieguanyin.

2 responses to “Taiwan Sourcing’s Lishan Tieguanyin [Episode 116]”

  1. Another fantastic episode guys. I am really glad you guys did an episode with a Taiwan Sourcing tea. Additionally it was great to learn about Tieguanyin which is one of my favorite varietals of oolong. Scott is an awesome guest and I hope you guys can do more episodes with him. It was good to see a Taiwanese tea again. A teaware episode would be awesome if possible with Scott I really enjoyed him explaining his teapot and the clay it was made of. Also, does the higher altitude of teas such as this affect their flavor profile enough to be noticed and if so how? Thanks for another great episode guys.

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, we’re back in Seattle now. If we ever film with Scott again, will definitely keep your comment in mind.

      The high-elevation is a very important piece of the terroir of the tea. In general it causes the plant to grow slower and develop more complexity. Those huge, gorgeous leaves aren’t really found at low-level plantations.


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