TeaHome’s Mid-Fired Dongding [Episode 149]

Getting back to our roots, with a mid-fired Dongding from Teahome. Sweet, aromatic, and easy to drink.

2 responses to “TeaHome’s Mid-Fired Dongding [Episode 149]”

  1. Great to see a dong ding! I just love the sweetness a good roast gives to our Jade Island oolongs. Similar to James I am mostly drink puerh, my focus on a lot of dong ding is their mouthfeel. I love the ones where the tea broth is weightless and the pleasure from a dong ding where it doesn’t even feel like you had to swallow but rather it vanishing from your mouth : )!

    Cheers and thanks for a good episode.

    • Hi Zach,

      Thanks for the comment. Totally agree. These roasted oolongs are great change of paces to any tea diet really. Very friendly towards non-tea drinkers too.


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