Camellia Sinensis 1999 Alishan Taiwanese Oolong [Episode 23]

James & Denny review a charcoal roasted Alishan from 1999. Sold by Montreal-based tea company Camellia Sinensis, this is an excellent tea with a ton of longevity. Watch as the leaves slowly unfurl to reveal wonderfully complex coffee and fruity flavors. A nice change of pace from the typical green oolong that represents most of the oolongs currently grown in Taiwan.

2 responses to “Camellia Sinensis 1999 Alishan Taiwanese Oolong [Episode 23]”

  1. Thanks for the review – nice job. As you said I like the way the milky / tropical fruit / fresh Ali Shan flavour peaks through the middle after a few steepings. You can steep this a lot. A great tea to introduce to coffee lovers. I have wanted to compare this to the non-charcoal roasted 1999 Ali Shan to get a better sense of the contribution of age vs roasting. Camellia Sinensis is my favourite vendor please consider reviewing more of their offerings. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks John. That would be a good side-by-side comparison. Very impressed with Camellia Sinensis. Look for episodes in the next couple weeks. 🙂


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