Pu’erh Storage Comparison CNNP 2000 7561 Yunnan Sourcing, CNNP 2000 7532 White2Tea Raw Pu’erh [Episode 67]

This is another TeaDB special episode where Denny & James compare and contrast two 14-year old pu’erhs that have undergone different storage techniques. The point here isn’t necessarily the base material of the teas themselves, simply the importance of storage and how it can affect the tea. Tea’s brewed are Yunnan Sourcing‘s Kunming-stored (dry) 2000 CNNP Yi Liang 7561 and White2Tea‘s Guangdong-stored CNNP Tiepai 7532.

18 responses to “Pu’erh Storage Comparison CNNP 2000 7561 Yunnan Sourcing, CNNP 2000 7532 White2Tea Raw Pu’erh [Episode 67]”

  1. Interesting discussion of puer storage conditions, gents. However, if this is so important to know, then why do so few vendors make this info available on their websites?


    • Hi Peter,

      Good question. A couple points.

      If the tea is young it isn’t as important.
      If the tea has any age I would expect the vendor to have information of some sort on the website. I think you’ll find that good vendors like Yunnan Sourcing, White2Tea, Cha Wang Shop, Tea Urchin, Essence of Tea etc. will always include this information.

      Hope this helps to clarify!

      • Yes, the good vendors will make some reference to storage conditions. The rest won’t. I see tons of vendors who fit in the latter category everyday.

        • Hmm that is too bad, unfortunately a lack of information or misinformation is a huge problem in pu’erh (and tea).

          At least it can help us to separate vendors we shop from and vendors we should avoid!

  2. Hi James
    Thanks for yet another interesting and inspiring episode! Actually,I did to day my own head to head comparison of the dual twins puer tea available here: http://www.lifeinteacup.com/puerh
    It is the exact same tea, 10 years old storred Hong Kong Humid vs Dry. Very educationel tasting!
    And James, please one day, show us your home puer storring-closet! I would love to see it!

    Cheers, Michael

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the comment! That sounds like a fun little experiment and a far more scientifically controlled one than the one we did on the show :). Which storage did you end up preferring?

      My stash is nothing too special. It is pretty much just an unplugged fridge filled with tea. There are many with far more experience than myself or Denny. You can actually see my humble stash in the last pu’erh storage article as the first picture featured.


  3. Hi James
    There are both great teas, and indeed very different. I dont think that you will ever recognize them as being twins. I like both, but if I have to choose I will prefer the dry stored one. Actually I believe that at the end of the day – I am a “dry stored guy”. I often find my gaiwan or yixing-pot filled with younger – or dry stored raw puer. That said, we all do need to have the posibility to choose between at lot of different teas on a daily basis – don´t we?

    And thanks for reminding me of the picture. It is always nice to se how other store there teas, and what the keep in there hideaways!

    • Thanks for sharing!

      One of my big pet peeves is vendor’s stating something or other is the definitively superior storage method. You can have pretty great teas from both storage method! I certainly enjoy many teas from both storage methodologies.

      I’ve been pretty happy with the fridge so far. Pretty low-maintenance way to store tea. Just have to make sure my friends don’t try to put beer in it.


    • Hi Jake,

      Thanks for the comment and good question! I don’t know exactly the difference. A fridge is probably a bit more sealed and insulated from the outside environment.

      It is also part out of convenience. I happened to have a small old dorm fridge lying around that was perfect.


  4. Ooo that is your tea fridge? Okay that is, like, a big fridge. Lolz mine is maybe the size of the bottom shelf.

    • Yip! Fortunately (and unfortunately for my wallet), I still have lots of room to get more tea :).


  5. I have a theory tea should be accumulated according to the requirements of one’s children. Hence my small fridge for one child. Someday all 19 of yours will be needing tea as well.

    Okay I got side tracked, was looking for a blog link in the storage article.

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