Teavivre’s Organic Silver Needle [Episode 68]

In episode 68, Denny & James review begin a short, two-episode series on Teavivre‘s white teas. Today it is the classic, archetypal Silver Needle.

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  1. You guys should also check out cold brew YS’ early spring bi luo chun as a summer drink. That thing is crazy delicious :).

    • Hi ar,

      Thanks for the comment and recommendation! I’ve had a couple of YS green teas before. Always surprised at the quality/$.


  2. Several things:
    First, I personally prefer Bai Mu Dan as a white tea, although I haven’t tried much of either.

    Second: What’s your opinion of resting white tea for a couple of years before drinking? Apparently white tea is better after a few years, but I’ve seen people debate it.

    Third: I do agree that white tea is better with higher temperatures. I’ve used boiling without problems in the past. However, I would say that 190-195F is probably the best temperature.

    Fourth: I forgot to send you the Jing Tea Shop Bai Mu Dan!!!!

    • Hi Jake,

      Thanks for the comment. We review a Bai Mu Dan next episode. Quite good, and less than half the price.

      I don’t know enough about the resting of white tea. But I do believe in the aging of it. Usually when that is done, it’s the more robust stuff like Bai Mu Dan or Shou Mei. It seems to be less common to age Silver Needle, but who knows. I wouldn’t totally rule that out either.

      The extra temperature gets that extra oomph out. Bigger body, stronger taste, higher likelihood of astringency. I suspect specific temperatures are largely up to personal preference.


    • +1 !

      Really enjoy your blog, but I’m just not into Puerh (yet). Very interested in reading your next post about aged oolongs, on September 1.

      • Hi Bef,

        Thanks for the comment and the kind words! Unfortunately the aged oolong post will be at the beginning of October. I will begin consumption on September 1st :).


  3. Yes! I’m a silver needle fan also. I prefer only drinking higher end varieties personally. Brewed at 85c ish. I get fruity melon notes out of it. Pricey at over $30 per 100g but, very rewarding taste.

    • Hi Discotopia,

      Thanks for the comment! It’s been very interesting to hear about people’s experience brewing silver needle. I had no idea there was such diversity. Thanks for sharing and perhaps we will do a TeaDB lab at some point on brewing methods for white tea or silver needle.


  4. Thanks for another episode! I really enjoy your blog every Tuesday, keep those coming!

    I see many people have suggested different methods for brewing white tea, so I wanted to share with you my personal preferences for brewing it. I think the reason for the different parameters people suggested is that no all white teas are truly the same. Some are more oxidised and less tippy, and so can bare higher temperature, while others tend to get bitter more easily. Add to that each one of us perceives taste a little differently, and the end result is a lot of different suggested brewing methods, each one of them can be the best for the specific tea that being brewed.

    The way I usually brew white tea is much different from the usual gong fu style method I do with most oolongs; I brew it only once (without a rinse), in a big glass pot 300ml, using 6g of leaves. Water temp is on the low side – about 75c. The brewing time is for at least 7 minutes. That way I get a very nice sweet aftertaste, and a very complex fresh mouth feeling.

    • Hi Barak,

      Thanks for the comment and kind words!

      Interesting brewing method. I have been surprised by all the different ways that people brew Silver Needle. I always assumed somewhat rigid brewing parameters would be ideal for it, similar to Japanese green tea. Clearly I have been mistaken.

      Thanks for sharing and cheers!

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