The Struggle of Making Content Interesting & A Few Unhelpful Phrases

As someone that has done a fair amount of content on tea, I have a lot of mixed thoughts on the way information is passed. With tea reviews or discussing a specific tea I have struggled with the question: how to talk about an individual tea or tea in general in an interesting or useful way.. Whether you like or dislike TeaDB episodes largely depends on whether you enjoy watching two particular people drink and banter. This is fine enough and it is certainly fun for Denny & I to create, but I’ll also agree with the sentiment that it’s not necessarily the most substantive way to review a tea in depth. There’s some signal but there’s also a lot of noise. Writing about a specific tea also isn’t easy and I think is actually very difficult to execute in a way that is actually consistently interesting or useful for people. Most people just want to know if you liked or didn’t like a specific tea. Making something that piques interest beyond that is a challenge and even if you don’t like them a place like Mei Leaf has succeeded in creating content that really does engage their viewers. You also have to consider that the majority of people have not had the tea or are even unfamiliar with the basic taste profile (i.e. Denny & I describing a traditionally stored pu’erh, when the audience has never had one).. Here are some phrases I dislike and hear frequently enough that I find them unhelpful and sometimes even counter-productive when given to beginners as advice. Continue reading

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2006 Troublemaker Fangcha w/Crimson Lotus Tea Raw Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 198]

This episode, I’m joined by special guest Glen of Crimson Lotus Tea! This is the first of two episodes, and we drink a new semi-aged production. The tea is clearly dry-stored, but any harshness in the tea is mellowed to a very drinkable state. The profile is sweet, smoky, and pretty tasty.

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Wang Family Tea Alishan High-Mountain Oolong [Episode 314]

This episode, Denny and I return to an old favorite, a high-mountain Alishan. It’s been a while since we’ve tasted a fresh high-mountain tea making this a really pleasant treat.

This Alishan was kindly provided by Miguel of Wang Family Tea. Thanks Miguel!

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2011-2018 Pu’erh Prices [Inbetweenisode 197]

As we approach summer 2019, another round of young raw pu’erh products are coming up. In the past half a year, I’ve written a couple posts on the topic of pu’erh prices and trends. These posts have been centered around the price of pu’erh produced and sold by western vendors when they’re initially pressed.

This is a short video continuing that discussion. For anyone that is interested in young pu’erh and their price dynamics, I think you will enjoy this episode.

Major Takeaways: (1) Prices have gone up a lot! (2) vendor prices have increased more in the western world between 2011-2014 than 2014-2018. (3) 2017 & 2018 were the highest prices ever.

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ICYMI Tea Storage & Humidors on The Tea Fix

ICYMI, last summer I had a guest appearance on the Tea Fix where Geoff, Leona and I talked about tea storage in the west.

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2017 Zhensilong Yibang Raw Pu’erh via Tea Encounter [Episode 313]

This episode, Denny and I bring a tea on from one of the six famous tea mountains, Yibang. It’s quite approachable, with good depth and potency. Thank you to Tiago of Tea-Encounter for sending the sample.

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How I Am Storing My Pu’erh

I’ve realized that I’ve written quite a bit about storage, but have not done a focused post on how I store my own tea. This is partially because I’m still figuring out how well my own setup has been working and am not sure if it is even a worthwhile example to follow. But I’ve now been storing tea in more or less the same way for five years and wanted to share where I am with my own storage. Continue reading

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Tea and Tobacco Guest Appearance

This is not a TeaDB episode, but a guest appearance I made on Tea and Tobacco. It was a fun conversation and we talked about a wide array of topics from pu’erh storage, how I got into tea, and a few other of my hobbies.

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2007 Dayi Anxiang Ripe Shu Pu’erh, Atlanta Stored [Inbetweenisode 196]

This episode I bring on one of my favorite ripe teas of all time, an Atlanta-stored 2007 Dayi Secret Fragrance ripe. This tea is complex, textured and everything you’d want from a upper-end ripe pu’erh tea. Thank you Darius for sharing this tea with me again!

Rating: 8.2.

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2018 W2T Charlie Ripe Pu’erh [Episode 312]

This episode, Denny and I drink a ripe pu’erh from the W2T club. Sample was generously given to us by Oolong Owl. Thank you!

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