Five More Things I like & Dislike. Pu’erh Vendors on YT, Seattle, Gambling on Dayi..

Things that have been occurring in the tea world that I like and dislike.. Continue reading

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2007 CNNP 8891 Raw Pu’erh Recipe via Yunnan Sourcing [Inbetweenisode 159]

This episode, James reviews a big cake that is a little over a decade old. Sitting at under $0.10/g or $0.10/g on the US website, this is a great value pu’erh.

Thank you to JD for the sample!

2007 CNNP "8891 Red Label" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

5.4 Rating.

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Eco-Cha’s Wuyi Black Tea [Episode 254]

This episode, Denny & James review a genre-bending tea, a Wuyi-style tea provided by Taiwanese-based vendor Eco-Cha.

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Settling Down with Tea, a Conversation w/Garrett [Inbetweenisode 158]

In this extended episode, James & Garrett talk about their drinking habits and how they’ve changed over the past few years. They also give theoretical advice to themselves earlier on in their tea hobbies.

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Yunnan Sourcing’s Mengku Assamica Black (Red) Tea [Episode 253]

This episode, James & Denny drink a dark, plummy black tea from Yunnan Sourcing.

Mengku Wild Arbor Assamica Black Tea * Spring 2017

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Outdoor & Indoor Pu’erh Storage in the West. Why Climate Data Only Tells a Partial Picture for Home Storage.

A while back I crunched the numbers for climates in some eastern and western cities and compared them to Kunming. One of the takeaways from that article is that despite its reputation, Kunming’s humidity is not that much lower than places with a more humid reputation, i.e. Hong Kong or Taipei. The more significant difference is in the temperature. On a similar note, Seattle (my hometown) is similar in relative humidity but is even colder than Kunming. Hotter air holds more water content and in that article I noted the sometimes under-emphasized importance of temperature. I stand by this, but I now read the climate data a little differently, especially when it comes to the implications of home storage in the west. Continue reading

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2016 Dayi 7452 Famous Ripe Pu’erh Recipe [Inbetweenisode 157]

This episode, drinks a tea he has been drinking casually recently, the Dayi recipe 7452. Acquired from Yunnan Sourcing.

5.5 Rating.

2016 Menghai "7452" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

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Eco-Cha Dongding [Episode 252]

In this episode, Denny and James drink an old favorite, Dongding.

Dong Ding Oolong Tea

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2017 W2T Lumber Slut, Ripe Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 156]

This episode I review the irreverently named Lumber Slut. It’s a ripe pu’erh produced under the White2Tea label and right in the wheelhouse for those that like heavy wood flavors.

Sorry for the sound quality as my phone didn’t record the audio so I was forced to use the audio from my camera.

6.4 Rating.

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MyTeaGuy Oriental Beauty [Episode 251]

This episode, Denny and James review an old favorite, Oriental Beauty. Oriental Beauty is a summer-harvested, bug-bitten tea that is harvested in Taiwan. Thank you to Roy (My Tea Guy) for supplying the tea for this episode.

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