1993 Chiang Rai “Raw Pu’erh” via TeaSide Stored in Thailand [Episode 263]

Today, James & Denny drink a unique loose raw stored purportedly from 1993. The tea has been processed like a pu’erh but was harvested and aged in Northern Thailand. Clearly aged, clean, and quite relaxing. Big thanks to Valeri!


(My apologies for the audio, the recording was corrupted so we had to use the audio from the camera)

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Missteps & Regrets on TeaDB

In the five years of TeaDB, we’ve made plenty of mistakes and said countless of dumb things in our hours of airtime on TeaDB. This is a list of areas where in retrospect I feel like I would’ve done stuff differently. Continue reading

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5-Year TeaDB Anniversary 1940’s Four Gold Coins Liubao [Episode 262]

This episode, Denny and James celebrate TeaDB’s five year anniversary with some extremely old tea. Huge thank you to Su as well as Peter for very generously providing the tea. Complex, earthy, and immaculately stored this is one of the best teas we’ve enjoyed on the show!

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2012 Bulang Ripe via Healthy Leaf [Episode 261]

This episode, Denny and James drink a clean, friendly ripe from Healthy Leaf. The leaves purportedly come from Bulang.

Bu Lang Ancient Tree 2012 – Bu Lang Gu Shu

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Some Thoughts & Problems With Traditionally Stored Pu’erh

85-90% of the tea being sold is young pu’erh, and the remainder is almost exclusively ripe or 5-10 year old semi-pu’erh. Old-school, traditionally stored pu’erh is an afterthought or an afterthought of an afterthought… This sort of tea can be hit or miss and more of an acquired taste for many.. For me, it’s always been a tea category I personally enjoy and turn to on a regular basis (~25% of the time). I also think if you can find decent examples it is well-worth exploring. As “traditionally stored” implies, this is a style of pu’erh that has been around for a long time. The pu’erh scene has changed and this sort of tea isn’t viewed fashionably or favorably as other sorts of pu’erh (this is not just restricted to the west). Continue reading

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2015 Hailang Hao Bianxiang Suiyihao Ripe Pu’erh via YS [Inbetweenisode 164]

This episode, James brings on a premium ripe pu’erh from Bulang mountain. This tea normally sells in large 1kg bricks. Thanks to Scott for providing the tea!

7.3 rating.

2015 Hai Lang Hao "Bi An Xiang Sui Yi Hao" Ripe Pu-erh Tea of Bu Lang Mountain

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Leafy Green’s Heavy Roast Dongding [Episode 260]

This episode, Denny and James bring a heavy roast Dongding onto the show. Leafy Green is a relatively new vendor who sources some of their teas from Chen Hauying, a Taiwanese tea producer.

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Tsuen’s Uji Fujitsubo Gyokuro [Episode 259]

This episode, James brings on a tea purchased on his recent trip to Japan. The tea is from Tsuen, one of the oldest teahouses in the world established in the year 1160. Gyokuro is a shade-grown Japanese green tea. Brewed with a very high leaf to water ratio and a low temperature, this tea is very strong, potent and intense.

This Fujitsubo Gyokuro is also available on O-Cha.

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Western Vendor Pu’erh Prices at Conception have Risen Since 2011 (& Probably Before)

It’s common in the pu’erh-verse to note the seemingly always rising price of freshly produced tea. Every year more expensive than the last… Even with the limited scope of western-vendor labeled pu’erh, we can take a quick look at the Way Back Machine and glance at what pu’erhs were selling for a few years ago and compare it to 2017/2018 prices.. It’s also an interesting exercise to look at old Half-Dipper reviews and realize that a lot of tea is simply no longer available. It used to be noteworthy when a fresh cake sold for three figures, now it’s commonplace. Those times are gone.. Oh and that cake is probably 200 grams… Continue reading

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Pu’erh Storage & Aging Cigars Compares w/Aging Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 163]

In this episode, James is joined by recurring guest Garrett for another long conversation on pu’erh.

The first half of the conversation involves a post written by James on Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage and some of the implications on home storage.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage

The second half of the conversation involves Aging Cigars and how the scenes compare. They discuss the different stages of cigar aging, the importance of temperature, dew point, etc.

Dr. Joe & Aging Cigars.

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