2011 Wangong [Episode 225]

A 2011 tea from the Wangong area in Mengla County. Clean and very high-quality material that has been dry-stored.

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What to Expect from Traditionally Stored Tea

I get asked a lot about traditionally stored and wetter pu’erh. I like to drink these teas and it’s unfortunately a type that lacks a lot of the exposure in comparison with young pu’erh or ripe pu’erh. Most pu’erh focused vendors don’t offer this type of tea and the ones that do, it typically makes up a small part of their catalog.. Pu’erh offers a broad array of unfamiliar tastes to the western palate that can be different and a unique experience for new drinkers (see ripe pu’erh or young raw), but sitting atop that list is traditionally stored pu’erh. That lack of exposure isn’t the case in areas around southern China, where pu’erh has been consumed for much longer than anywhere else and traditional storage has historically been the default. Continue reading

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Q&A, Recommended Teas, Blending [Inbetweenisode 140]

A quick Q&A session with James, including questions on good raw pu’erhs to order from Yunnan Sourcing, White2Tea, and Bana plus the topic of blending pu’erh.

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2017 WuyiOrigin Lapsang Souchong Old Tree, Black Tea [Episode 224]

A hongcha, from Cindy over at Wuyi Origin. Smooth and easy drinking.


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The Speed Test, cr. Marshaln [Inbetweenisode 139]

In this episode, James goes over a very simple, but informative way to look at your tea consumption.

The Speed Test

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2012 BYH Guafengzhai (single tree?) [Episode 223]

In this episode, Denny and James drink a supposedly single tree raw pu’erh. The focus is not on this fact, but on the tea which is a punchy, strong treat. Biyun Hao is a boutique Taiwanese brand. Thanks to Pedro for introducing this brand to the west!

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Reading & Drinking Numbers, Numbered Recipes in Pu’erh

I’ve seen the hashtag #drinkingnumbers around instagram used by a few pu’erh heads. This usually means that you’re drinking a tea labeled by the recipe number.. The recipes are usually four digits, and you’ve probably seen them attached to certain teas, both raw or ripe pu’erh. 7542, 7572, 8653, etc.. Continue reading

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1999 Big Green Tree Red Ticket Raw Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 138]

This episode, James brings on a famous Big Green Tree production, the 1999 Red Ticket. This tea was lightly humidly stored early, but is very clean now. Big thank you to 3B over at the HK Tea Forum for meeting up and providing the generous sample.

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Japanese Green Tea IN Issaku [Episode 222]

This episode Denny and James bring a true rarity, a Japanese green tea. This tea is the Issaku, a Fukamushi Sencha, and has a lot of fresh, grassy tones.

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Traditionally Stored HK-Pu’erh [Episode 221]

We don’t know much about this tea, other than that it was traditionally stored and is almost as old as us! The tea broth is smooth, creamy, rich, soft, and comfortable. Thank you to Su for generously sending me this thoroughly enjoyable tea!

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