Xizihao Report & Tasting Note Compilation

Xizi Hao is a boutique Taiwanese pu’erh brand. With Xizi Hao coming available from Taiwan, I’ve decided to release a few of my notes from my google spreadsheets of tea notes. Unlike other reports these teas were not sessioned in close succession of each other. Thank you to Emmett for sending me a few of these recently. Continue reading

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How to Find Teas on Taobao [Inbetweenisode 127]

This inbetweenisode, James talks about Taobao and how to search and find teas. Featuring Babelcarp.

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Wuyi Origin Xingren Xiang Dancong Oolong [Episode 206]

An almond aroma (Xingren Xiang) Dancong from Cindy Chen over at Wuyi Origin.

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Wuyi Origin Milan Xiang [Inbetweenisode 126]

Another very pleasant Dancong from Cindy at WuyiOrigin. This episode features another guest appearance by Meet.

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2016 Theasophie Guoyun [Episode 205]

One of the high-end Yiwu 2016 production from Theasophie.

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Drinking Log Reflections v1

Last December, I finally ran out of new samples. After that, I began drinking from my stash exclusively. Being an unabashed data nerd I decided to also record my own tea consumption. This is interesting because it is essentially a speed test and can be helpful and informative for my own buying. My uninterrupted drinking was halted in mid January when a whole sleuth of samples arrived creating the obvious caveat of a small data size. Nevertheless, here’s a quick look at the data. Continue reading

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2013 Chensheng Hao Naka [Inbetweenisode 125]

A Naka production from a big Chinese brand, Chensheng Hao.

Thank you to a tea friend for sending a sample my way!

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2006 Yangqinghao Wushang Miaopin [Episode 204]

One of the topdogs from YQH. This is a dark, potent premium Yiwu tea. Thanks to Emmett for sending it our way.


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Wuyi Origin Yashi Xiang aka Duck**** Aroma [Episode 203]

The infamous Duck**** aroma tea featured on TeaDB. This is an oddity for TeaDB, a Dancong. Enjoyable, aromatic tea. Thanks to Cindy for sending this our way.


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Simple Home Storage Solutions

Pu’erh storage is as complicated as you want to make it. But it’s also an issue that needs to be addressed for anyone with a stash. Keeping your pu’erh in open air or close to aromas is a good way to slowly ruin it. Pumidor is a scary sounding word and can represent overly elaborate, endlessly complex solutions.. For instance there are some pu-heads that have hand-built a sealed non-aromatic wood box from scratch with multiple humidifiers and hygrometers. Or installed a fishtank heater to emulate the humidity of more humid storage. This can all be a bit intimidating for someone just getting started with a cake or two. There’s also an appeal in keeping it simple. In many ways, the more complex the solution the more points of stress or concern. Maybe you’re just tipping your toes into the water and have a couple cakes or maybe you prefer a minimalist approach to tea. Either way, it is very possible to create simple, workable solution that don’t involve adding humidity or hygrometers. Continue reading

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