5th Annual r/tea Seattle Meetup [Episode 308]

Super special TeaDB episode! The can’t miss event this spring is the r/tea Seattle Meetup. Don’t miss out on the only event of the year where you can see all of your favorite tea-related personalities.

Featuring Garrett, Meet, Denny and James.



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4 responses to “5th Annual r/tea Seattle Meetup [Episode 308]”

  1. Jonny山內 Avatar

    I’m glad you guys weren’t busted by the DEA with all that tea on show!
    Great lampoon once again and I’m sure in years to come this episode will feature in educational programmes warning kids against getting tea drunk!

  2. Snowman Avatar

    I’ll bring the gu shu

  3. awren Avatar

    I live in Olympia and would love to have meet-ups with people in the Puget Sound/Salish Sea area. Do you know of any formal things that existed pre-covid in the area?
    *asking for intention of meeting-up after covid

  4. awren Avatar

    how do i get any future exclusive invites?

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