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5th Annual r/tea Seattle Meetup [Episode 308]

Super special TeaDB episode! The can’t miss event this spring is the r/tea Seattle Meetup. Don’t miss out on the only event of the year where you can see all of your favorite tea-related personalities. Featuring Garrett, Meet, Denny and … Continue reading

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Tsuen’s Uji Fujitsubo Gyokuro [Episode 259]

This episode, James brings on a tea purchased on his recent trip to Japan. The tea is from Tsuen, one of the oldest teahouses in the world established in the year 1160. Gyokuro is a shade-grown Japanese green tea. Brewed … Continue reading

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Japanese Green Tea IN Issaku [Episode 222]

This episode Denny and James bring a true rarity, a Japanese green tea. This tea is the Issaku, a Fukamushi Sencha, and has a lot of fresh, grassy tones.

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Teas Unique Mt. Jiri Sejak [Episode 210]

A green tea from 2016, grown in Mt. Jiri mountain. This tea is a Sejak, or the second picking of the season. Mt. Jiri Teas

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Smacha’s Maofeng [Episode 150]

Another oddity. This one is provided by local company Smacha, their Maofeng. Similar to the Darjeeling this uses largely improvised brewing parameters.

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Denny Tea Farm Green & Black [Episode 143]

Very special episode.. Hand-harvested, monkey-picked teas from Denny’s farm…

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0 Day Old Home Grown Green Tea – InBetweenIsode #11 w/ Denny

Join me as I drink some VERY fresh green tea! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Jing Xian Ti Kui 2014 – InBetweenIsode #6 w/ Denny

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Yunnan Graceful Purple “Zi Juan” (2014) – InBetweenIsode #5 with Denny

Sit and enjoy this purple varietal Yunnan green tea on this week’s InBetweenIsode with Denny! Let me know your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

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Tai Ping Hou Kui [2014] – InBetweenIsode #4

Tai Ping Hou Kui from Life in Teacup. “Peaceful monkey leader tea” from the Huangshan Mountain Range and the varietal of the long leaves is Shi Da Cha. Please enjoy with your favorite beverage ๐Ÿ™‚ -Denny

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