0 Day Old Home Grown Green Tea – InBetweenIsode #11 w/ Denny

Join me as I drink some VERY fresh green tea! 🙂

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6 Responses to 0 Day Old Home Grown Green Tea – InBetweenIsode #11 w/ Denny

  1. brian says:

    Japanese green teas are steamed, where as the Chinese will pan fry/bake their green tea… So it seems you’ve made a hybrid!

    Happy sipping

  2. Bef says:

    Very funny episode!!

  3. Jaime says:

    I think James should taste this tea, It would be more objetive : )

    • James says:

      Hi Jaime,

      Haha. I guess I’ll have to drink this at some point. I’m pretty easy to please too, so I’m not sure if my opinion will be dramatically different :)!


  4. John says:

    Hi Denny
    Instant classic! Great fun. Reminded me of the following:
    Check out the longer version and some of the other videos in this series if you have the time…they are fascinating. Keep on experimenting!

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