Denny Tea Farm Green & Black [Episode 143]

Very special episode.. Hand-harvested, monkey-picked teas from Denny’s farm…

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10 responses to “Denny Tea Farm Green & Black [Episode 143]”

  1. The leaves that Denny simply picked then air dried would actually be considered a white tea, so it makes sense that you got the white tea taste in the finish!

    The pan fried leaves would be a green tea, but could have had the same white tea finish if he didn’t pan fry them enough to halt the oxidization

    • Anyway, Denny should keep practicing; Maybe eventually he’ll get the hang of it! Green or black would probably be the easiest. For a black tea he’d want to shake/roll/bruise the leaves and then let them sit and oxidize for a day or two or three before pan frying or lightly baking them.

  2. Hilarious episode, as well as informative. I will never buy anything from Denny’s Tea Farm. No offense.

    And just for the record… Monkeys are people too!

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