Denny Tea Farm Green & Black [Episode 143]

Very special episode.. Hand-harvested, monkey-picked teas from Denny’s farm…



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10 responses to “Denny Tea Farm Green & Black [Episode 143]”

  1. brian Avatar

    The leaves that Denny simply picked then air dried would actually be considered a white tea, so it makes sense that you got the white tea taste in the finish!

    The pan fried leaves would be a green tea, but could have had the same white tea finish if he didn’t pan fry them enough to halt the oxidization

    1. brian Avatar

      Anyway, Denny should keep practicing; Maybe eventually he’ll get the hang of it! Green or black would probably be the easiest. For a black tea he’d want to shake/roll/bruise the leaves and then let them sit and oxidize for a day or two or three before pan frying or lightly baking them.

    2. James Avatar

      Aha. Thanks Brian. Indeed you are correct.

  2. Grill Avatar

    Did it smell like Bigfoot’s dick?

    1. James Avatar

      *is too afraid to say anything*

  3. Cwyn Avatar

    Delightful! A good chuckle all the way and I’m getting antsy for spring tea now!

    1. James Avatar

      Always happy to provide a laugh for you Cwyn :).

  4. Jonas Avatar

    Hilarious episode, as well as informative. I will never buy anything from Denny’s Tea Farm. No offense.

    And just for the record… Monkeys are people too!

    1. James Avatar

      Thanks Jonas :).


  5. Richard Seto Avatar
    Richard Seto

    Like the saying goes “Don’t try this at home, kids”.

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