Yunnan Sourcing’s Tieluohan — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #23

In inbetweenisode #23, James continues his series on Wuyi Oolongs this time with a guest star, Meet. The tea is one that James has been slowly sipping away on for over a year, Yunnan Sourcing’s Tieluohan.

8 responses to “Yunnan Sourcing’s Tieluohan — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #23”

    • Hi Uncle Larry,

      Thanks for commenting. I think I may’ve misspoke. The first part of the month is Yancha and the latter part was cheaper Taiwanese stuff.


  1. Very nice to see new people on your episodes.

    The only wuyi I tried so far is the 90s HK stored wuyi from Origin Tea. Tasted like old cigarette butt to me… Tried it twice and had a hard time drinking it. It might need to age a bit though, not sure…

    I should try some other wuyi some day, but they just seem so pricey…

    • Hi Bef,

      Thanks for stopping in. You’re definitely right that Wuyis can get a bit expensive. There’s some availability at different budgets though. That 90s HK stored Wuyi from Origin was kind of a different one. Not really that representative of the tea genre. Will be releasing the Yancha report this Saturday which might be of some interest.


  2. Oh, geez you are an EE also? How do you feel about MN? My company has a no heating-element policy so we’re relegated to warm-ish water coming out of a coffee machine. Otherwise it’s a relatively tea-friendly place.

    Just brewed up the last of a bag of Rou Gui yesterday – loads of fannings. Gotta drop those steep times……

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