Yunnan Sourcing’s Tieluohan — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #23

In inbetweenisode #23, James continues his series on Wuyi Oolongs this time with a guest star, Meet. The tea is one that James has been slowly sipping away on for over a year, Yunnan Sourcing’s Tieluohan.

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8 Responses to Yunnan Sourcing’s Tieluohan — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #23

  1. Uncle Larry says:

    How do you compare Taiwanese oolongs to Wuyi oolongs???

    • James says:

      Hi Uncle Larry,

      Thanks for commenting. I think I may’ve misspoke. The first part of the month is Yancha and the latter part was cheaper Taiwanese stuff.


  2. Bef says:

    Very nice to see new people on your episodes.

    The only wuyi I tried so far is the 90s HK stored wuyi from Origin Tea. Tasted like old cigarette butt to me… Tried it twice and had a hard time drinking it. It might need to age a bit though, not sure…

    I should try some other wuyi some day, but they just seem so pricey…

    • James says:

      Hi Bef,

      Thanks for stopping in. You’re definitely right that Wuyis can get a bit expensive. There’s some availability at different budgets though. That 90s HK stored Wuyi from Origin was kind of a different one. Not really that representative of the tea genre. Will be releasing the Yancha report this Saturday which might be of some interest.


  3. Richard says:

    Oh, geez you are an EE also? How do you feel about MN? My company has a no heating-element policy so we’re relegated to warm-ish water coming out of a coffee machine. Otherwise it’s a relatively tea-friendly place.

    Just brewed up the last of a bag of Rou Gui yesterday – loads of fannings. Gotta drop those steep times……

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