Aged Huali Box Tea [Episode 99]

Big thanks to Carolyn who sent this tea in. A mystery tea that came from a box!!

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    • Hi Uncle Larry,

      Thanks for stopping in! I’m not sure. We don’t have anything oncoming, but it is always fun to review mysterious teas on the show.


  1. LOL ,

    Can it be a ripe with a bad storage ? I used to have that kind of experience
    when I was sampling maocha ripe… I then decided that wouldn’t buy anything
    else than cakes 🙂


    • Hi paxl13,

      Thanks for the comment. As Carolyn has speculated much of its strangeness may have to deal with it being stored in a box. It’d be interesting to compare this side by side with another ripe with age.


    • Hi Arnold,

      Thanks for your input. I think Denny and I are both on the shupu camp now as well.


  2. These episodes get better and better guys, I am very much enjoying the more relaxed and entertaining approach to the way tea is discussed and how there is a constant learning experience, even for those who feel that they have explored wide areas of tea. I have had the old…. “barn manure tea” as well as the “fish water” experience whilst in Yunnan and… ye, it was interesting haha.
    Keep up the great videos guys :),


    • Hi Rogo,

      Thanks for popping in. I’m glad you’re enjoying the episodes (fish water or not).


  3. All I can say is… I am completely stumped by this tea too! That is why I sent it to you guys. From what I can tell it is an aged ripe tea, but unlike any other tea I have had. I think the fact it was stored in a wood box has changed the flavor.

    This tea is definitely weird and different, but I do like it. On the plus side it came in a beautifully carved box that I will be re-using once the tea is drunk!

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for the comment and sending in the tea! Quite a mysterious one. Very fun experience.


    • Sorry for the delay Bef…
      My husband found this at an Asian auction house. If you look on the internet you can find such places and every once in a while they sell tea. This was a fun one to get with the cool box. I must say I do not get a “manure” smell, but it does get more interesting for an aged ripe as you steep it out.

      We usually order from Bana tea which is a much safer bet then an auction house!

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