WuyiOrigin Qidan [Inbetweenisode 131]

This inbetweenisode, James drinks WuyiOrigin’s Qidan. On the lighter roasted side of Wuyi and very aromatic. Qidan is one of the common varietals used as a close cousin of Dahongpao.


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3 Responses to WuyiOrigin Qidan [Inbetweenisode 131]

  1. Morgan says:

    Long time fan, love your site and videos, such an incredible resource! Wondering though if this is meant to be written as “Qilan” and not “Qidan”? I don’t see any Qidan’s on the Wuyi Origin site, but I do see a Qilan (orchid) 奇兰.

    • James says:

      Good question! Actually it’s Qidan, one of the cultivars that’s sometimes marketed as Dahongpao. I believe it is sold out for 2016 which is probably why it isn’t listed!

  2. Mahalo Tea says:

    Really loved this episode about Wuyi Qidan! Keep up the great work

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