2005/2014 Manzhuan White2Tea Raw Pu’erh [Episode 60]

The first of a three episode series on White2Tea and their selection. This episode is a comparative tasting featuring TwoDog’s 2005 Manzhuan (Xiangming Factory) and 2014 Manzhuan (a White2Tea production).

4 responses to “2005/2014 Manzhuan White2Tea Raw Pu’erh [Episode 60]”

  1. A great idea to do a side-by-side comparison of teas, lads. I see that the 2014 Manzhuan is a bit expensive (at least for my shrinking wallet). So is it worth the cost?


    • Thanks for the comment Peter and a good question! Apologies in advance for an ambiguous answer.

      This is a very good tea and I suspect the answer to your question will depend person to person, budget to budget. You are correct that it is not a bargain bin tea, but it is a quality tea for a IMO reasonable price. For anyone putting an order into W2T, I do believe that the 2014 Manzhuan is at least worth a sample.

      Hope this clarifies and cheers!

  2. Got a sample of this with my recent order from White2tea. I was not gonna order this…was gonna stay strong…you all know I said it and meant it…then spicy on the throat, apricots, a bit of smoky leather and oak wood, honey. Two cups and I had heat running up my back. No green tea flavor in here at all like in most young sheng I have tried. Four cups and tongue hanging out. Buds and stouter sticks in the Yixing prove this is old gushu. My future kin are screaming in protest but I can’t help it. This is astonishing tea and I am in for one…

    • :). So you did end up buying it? It is a very good tea. If you’re placing an order to White2Tea you might want to consider reading the latest half-dipper review on the White Whale. (I also enjoyed that one, but perhaps not as much as Hobbes.)

      Don’t go too crazy! Cheeers!


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