2003 Shui Xian Hui Yuan Origin Tea Wuyi Oolong [Episode 48]

In Episode 48 Denny and James review a premium top-tier Yancha from Origin Tea. This one is a Shui Xian grown deep in the Wuyi natural reserve.



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6 responses to “2003 Shui Xian Hui Yuan Origin Tea Wuyi Oolong [Episode 48]”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Too bad that Tony is closing shop!

    1. James Avatar

      Indeed :(. Very sad news. I’d highly recommend on stocking up .

      Some of the teas are going to be very difficult to find once he’s gone. Gonna be hard to beat his prices on high-mountain tea + pots as well.

      Supposedly the Tie Luo Han is another grade or two higher than this tea. Yum…

  2. the_e Avatar

    Drink fewer lattes and espressos and more Shuixian Kings 🙂

    1. James Avatar

      Can’t disagree with that! :).


  3. John Avatar

    James, I’m a big fan of yancha, and just saw this episode. In the years that have passed, have you found anything similar to the 2003 shui xian that was so amazing?

    1. James Avatar

      Unfortunately not really. Cindy of Wuyi Origin had a premium Rougui recently that was one of the more outstanding Yanchas I’ve had in the last few years, but I think it sold out so fast that we didn’t even bother doing an episode (would’ve been sold out first).


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