Shui Jin Gui Jing Tea Shop Wuyi Oolong [Episode 47]

In Episode 47, Denny and James review another Yancha. This one comes from old, reliable Jing Tea Shop.

5 responses to “Shui Jin Gui Jing Tea Shop Wuyi Oolong [Episode 47]”

  1. Wow! A real treat to have 2 videos in one week. Is this a harbinger of things to come?

    What do you lads think of teas from Jing in general? They have been on my radar for some time. And why didn’t James use a bigger pot for those 7 g. so as to allow the leaves to unfurl unfettered?

    • Haha Peter. Sadly, this is just a bonus because of the April fools episode :). One episode/week is our modest but consistent pace for the near future.

      I love to brew Yancha heavily with alot of leaf. Read Marshaln’s post on this: . It makes very interesting tea. That being said, I know that many (Denny included) prefer to brew it much lighter and similar to Taiwanese/rolled oolongs. To each his own I say!


    • Yes, I’d also recommend Jing Tea Shop, specifically their Wuyi Oolongs. My favorites were their Shui Xian, Aged Rou Gui, and Shui Jin Gui.

      The sample they sent of aged Bai Mu Dan was also good.

  2. Great review guys, sounds absolutely delicious. I gotta say, I was so confused with the Lipton, u guys fooled me xD

    • Hi Gabriel, thanks for the comment. I’m afraid I couldn’t go longer than a day with a review of Lipton at the top of our front page!


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