TeaDB Special! [Episode 100]

For episode 100, we’ve done an extra long (42 minute), free-flowing session. Throughout the session we drink a few different tea concoctions and engage in an extended Q&A.

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  1. Happy 100, don’t ever ever stop.

    When it comes to advancing my tea journey, I want to build up a memory bank of puerhs and meet and become a student of someone like Two Dog or MarshalN.

    Thank You,
    Uncle Larry,

  2. Hey tea dudes,
    Congrats on your 100th episode! I’m so happy you addressed my burning question about James’s glasses! I thought maybe it had to do with whether he was tasting puerhs vs. oolongs, but I guess not. πŸ™‚ Denny, if you want glasses as a fashion statement without having vision problems, just go to an optical shop and order frames with what they call “plano” lenses – no prescription, no correction, just plain glass. Nobody will ever know they aren’t “real.” Tortoiseshell frames in a color coordinating with your beard would probably look great.
    On (even more serous topic, for future episodes, I would love to see a TeaDB field trip to China! I was there a few months ago, and among many highlights was a van tour we took of Hangzhou, home of the famous West Lake (XiHu) Dragonwell Tea. They took us to a tea-tasting, and we drove through some beautiful tea-growing areas. It reminded me of wine country – the soil, the slope, the microclimate, etc., help determine what the tea will be like. You could do a visit to Yunnan to taste the puerhs, and maybe watch them being ripened and pressed, or Fujian and Guangdong for the oolongs. Chaozhou has a really interesting tea-drinking culture too (they brew it strong!).
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to your next 100.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the comment and sending in the question. The most practical of the lot! Would love to go to any (or all) of those places you’ve listed.


  3. Congratulations for 100 episodes. I am all for a Kickstarter campaign to send you two to China.
    I cannot thank you enough for all of the videos and amazingly well researched articles. I have learned a lot and look forward to the next 100.
    PS-Now you can look forward to your 100th InBetweenisodes!!

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks very much for the kind words! We have a long way to go for 100 inbetweenisodes, but hope to make it there someday.


    • Hi Charisse,

      Thanks for the comment. Actually it was picked up locally in Seattle! I believe it set me back $6.


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