Essence of Tea’s 2011 Zhulian Dancong Yancha [Episode 124]

A delicious Yancha from Essence of Tea. The roast has worn down nicely, putting this tea in a great place to drink!

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2 responses to “Essence of Tea’s 2011 Zhulian Dancong Yancha [Episode 124]”

  1. I’ve wondered if the Dan Cong in the name is because a Phoenix varietal is used or because the bushes were pruned at a young age to grow with a single trunk, I’ve never gotten around to asking David though; perhaps he will chime in.

    Great yancha considering the relatively affordable price for its quality

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah, that was my main guess. Agreed on this Yancha. Despite the price seeming high to some, I think it offers me satisfaction in a way that nearly all the Yancha sold to the west does not.


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