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You Can Buy Young Pu’erh From All Over Yunnan

The custom private label pu’erh has really thrived in the western market – with vendors increasingly sourcing their own pressings directly from Yunnan. This was a new thing for westerners back in 2009 when just Yunnan Sourcing and Essence of … Continue reading

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2017 Essence of Tea Wild Wuliang [Episode 239]

This episode, Denny and James drink a 2017 wild production from Wuliang, made by Essence of Tea.

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2017 EoT Yiwu Guoyoulin Raw Pu’erh [Episode 233]

Essence of Tea’s premium 2017 pressing, an Yiwu supposedly from the Yiwu State Forest. https://www.essenceoftea.com/tea/puerh-tea/2017-yiwu-guoyoulin.html

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The Western Pu’erh Scene is Really Dominated by Modern Young Pu’erh

For people looking to learn about pu’erh I usually recommend picking a western-facing, pu’erh-centric, vendor and ordering a bunch of samples that cover a few different categories (my suggestion: young raw pu’erh, semi-aged raw pu’erh, and ripe pu’erh). Most pu’erh vendors … Continue reading

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No Frills. 18 Quick Hits, Less Premium Young Tea Report

One of the perks (or drawbacks) of having a blog is literally drowning in tea/samples. I’m not really in the market for young tea, especially not cheaper young tea. This is mainly because I don’t drink these teas nearly often … Continue reading

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1970s SSHC Liubao via EoT [Episode 187]

Some 1970s Liubao sent to us by Essence of Tea. Clean, old, and enjoyable!

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FOMO. 2016 Premium Young Tea Report

If you have been living in a cave with your pu’erh stash for the past 15 years and arejust reemerging to restock your stash, I have some news for you. You should’ve bought apple stock. And google. And loads of … Continue reading

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Essence of Tea’s 2013 Bairuixiang [Episode 158]

A high-end Yancha from Essence of Tea. Thanks to Richard for the sample!

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2015 Essence of Tea’s Autumn Guafengzhai [Episode 140]

Episode 140 covers some fresh autumn maocha GFZ from Essence of Tea. Well-bodied, strong and very tasty.

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2000 Essence of Tea Green Peacock [Episode 137]

We’re back with more of that Essence. This is a really clean, high-quality, Malaysian-aged raw pu’erh the Green Peacock.

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