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2015 Essence of Tea’s Autumn Guafengzhai [Episode 140]

Episode 140 covers some fresh autumn maocha GFZ from Essence of Tea. Well-bodied, strong and very tasty.

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2000 Essence of Tea Green Peacock [Episode 137]

We’re back with more of that Essence. This is a really clean, high-quality, Malaysian-aged raw pu’erh the Green Peacock.

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2006 Wild Peacock via Essence of Tea — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #60

Episode 60 covers the 2006 Wild Peacock sold by Essence of Tea. Cleanly matured in southern China this is a soft, smooth, sweet, and very pleasant tea for the price.

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2000 Kaiyuan Green Stamp via Essence of Tea [Episode 134]

A really wonderful, active Malaysian stored pu’erh, from Malaysia based vendor Essence of Tea. It’s not cheap but it’s pretty darn good (also sold out).

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Time Machine! Pu’erh Snapshot… 2008

If only I got into pu’erh 5 years earlier… -Every single pu’erh addict (regardless of when they got into pu’erh). The year is 2008. Obama was elected. Lil Wayne was weird but still OK to like. In the midst of the … Continue reading

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Essence of Tea’s 2014 Yuanwei [Episode 128]

A raw pu’erh from Essence of Tea’s lineup, the 2014 Yuanwei.

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Can’t I Just Settle Down? Menghai County Raw Pu’erh [September 2015 Tea Drinking Report]

Shoutouts to Meng, Carolyn, Bellmont, and Dignitea for providing teas for this month and allowing the content to be what it is! Menghai County Part 2! This is the last of the pu’erh reports for 2015. I’ll be traveling to … Continue reading

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Essence of Tea’s 2011 Zhulian Dancong Yancha [Episode 124]

A delicious Yancha from Essence of Tea. The roast has worn down nicely, putting this tea in a great place to drink!

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Essence of Tea’s 2014 Yunyun & 2015 Yunya — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #47

A pair of very decent mid-range teas from Essence of Tea. Yunyun and Yunya were harvested from the same Menghai County village in different years.

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2014 Essence of Tea’s Guafengzhai — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #35

Don’t blink or look at the price. This is the first part of a two episode series of extended sessions with a pair of very premium (and also very nice) young raw pu’erhs. First up is Essence of Tea’s Guafengzhai. … Continue reading

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