2000 Kaiyuan Green Stamp via Essence of Tea [Episode 134]

A really wonderful, active Malaysian stored pu’erh, from Malaysia based vendor Essence of Tea. It’s not cheap but it’s pretty darn good (also sold out).

2 responses to “2000 Kaiyuan Green Stamp via Essence of Tea [Episode 134]”

  1. Thanks for another great episode. I’ve been impressed with the Malaysian stored puer I’ve tried from Essence of Tea. Definitely worth a try for anyone curious to sample Malaysian storage. I haven’t tried the Green Stamp yet, but the Kai Yuan Zi Yin (Purple Stamp) from 2000 is a powerful puer and worth a mention. Glad I grabbed these samples when I did. Limited availability almost justifies a large stash of pu samples. Looking forward to trying the Green Stamp soon.

    • Thanks Phil. Yes I’ve also been very impressed! Have yet to try the Purple Stamp but I’m a big fan of the Green Stamp and Green Peacock.

      Cheers sir!

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