Baxian (Taobao) Yancha [Episode 127]

A good for the price Yancha directly from China.

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  1. Hey guys! I don’t know if this is the right place to ask forgive me if it isn’t but I’m planning to place a larger order to Yunnan Sourcing and I’m just a beginner with tea (not completely I already tried a good couple) so I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I’m mostly looking to get to know the world of pu’erh and oolong but I’m also interested in anything else that you would recommend. I have tried both raw and ripe and I really liked the raw rasiny and I guess what you call petrol but I didn’t really like the earthiness/woodiness of ripe. But as I said I’m open to most stuff. I’m also interested in oolong so anything that you could recommend there would be appreciated! So if you could please recommend me a good deal of mainly pu’erh and oolong but really anything you think I should check out! Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • You can start here:

      If you’re buying from the .com site, I’d recommend the ‘2007 Yishan jinggu purple tea.’ Not too complex, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find another raw this smooth and mellow for the price, both in flavor and qi.

      I also quite liked the 2014 Spring Qing Mei Shan, which has a long sweet aftertaste, and strong feels, though it’s still very much in the ‘young and unpleasant’ stage to my body.

      The 2012 Spring Xin Ban Zhang may be my favorite tea I’ve sampled from YS, but the rising price has stopped me from purchasing a bing whenever I think about it.

      If you want a tea that is quite bitter, young, yet smooth and nice on the stomach, the 2010 Spring Jie Liang is nice. If you love bitterness, you can brew this one quite strong with it still being drinkable.

    • Hi name56,

      Thanks for the comment. I’d shoot Scott an email as he’s very familiar with their stock. In general, YS offers good bang for your buck around a number of price ranges. I’d sample widely and see where your tastes lie. My apologies for the ambiguity!

      Keith, Thanks for chiming in and the recs. I’ll echo the 2012 XBZ and 2010 JL. Enjoy them both for what they are.


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