2015 Chenyuan Hao Mansong via Teapals — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #51

Another winner from Grill and Teapals. Thanks for the sample!

A tea supposedly from the tribute area of Mansong. Fruity, complex, and lots of qi!


2 responses to “2015 Chenyuan Hao Mansong via Teapals — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #51”

  1. Not just supposedly. (: Which makes the tea unusual indeed. Mansong is as faked as it gets.

    There is little if anything of more reliability than CYH on the open market, imo. Not just in descriptive claims, which thankfully they don’t make much anyway, but all around. I made the transition from white wrappers, custom local orders (including trying a few of the mythical “this is for the millionaire hobbyist” teas) from maocha solicitors or farmers to being glad to pay premiums (when there are any) for such teas. With prices being what they are currently, it makes little sense not to invest in very high curation and processing control if you are going for the fancier stuff.

    I’ll get to try this one soon, methinks. Has any of the Yiwus come your way?

    • Hi puyuan,

      Thanks for the comment. I believe you! Have been impressed with all the teas that have been sent my way.

      Indeed the Yiwus have. Enjoyed them a good deal. Drank them about a month ago so they’re not quite as fresh in my memory. I chose to review the Bingdao and Mansong, largely because they’re under reviewed and I wanted to record my thoughts.

      Please do chime in when you have a chance to drink this tea!


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