Bana Tea’s Jade Buddha Da Hong Pao [Episode 133]

A Yancha from Bana Tea. This is a fun drink from Linda Louie and a nice change of pace from all the pu’erh we’ve been quaffing!



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6 responses to “Bana Tea’s Jade Buddha Da Hong Pao [Episode 133]”

  1. Doug Avatar

    I understand the motivation behind doing a rinse of pu-erhs but do you also find it necessary for Wuyi oolongs? Seems like you would be losing a chunk of the flavor. I don’t drink much oolong so I’m just curious.

    1. brian Avatar

      Personal preference. I rinse; I think rehydrating the leaves briefly helps bring out more flavor in the first brew. But lots of people don’t rinse oolongs and might just steep the first infusion for a little longer. Sometimes I do this, but I usually rinse

      1. James Avatar

        Hi Brian,

        Thanks for chiming in.. There’s some good insight here.. Lots of small nuance that you can use pending how the brewer wants to do it.


    2. James Avatar

      Hi Doug,

      Good question and to be honest I’ve never had a great answer in response to the long rinse Denny sometimes gives. I asked him that question in the latest episode (Tea from Vietnam). His answer was basically that it helps round out the brews and create more consistency.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Richard Avatar

    A two year old such as this can evolve a lot in 5 or 6 months. Some of my lighter-roast Yancha from 2013 are starting to get really good right now.

    1. James Avatar

      Hi Richard,

      Yes indeed. I agree in all respects. Rushing to drink these really isn’t the greatest idea!


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