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2004 Heshihua Jingmai via Bana Tea [Episode 219]

This episode Denny and James drink a Jingmai semi-aged pu’erh from Bana Tea. A well-balanced brew with a really nice huigan.

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Extended Episode LA vs. HK Dry 2011 Treasures from Five Mountains Storage Comparison [Inbetweenisode 121]

A storage comparison of LA vs. HK dry stored Treasures from Five Mountains. Thank you to Linda Louie of Bana Tea for sending in these samples!

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2007 Kunlu via Bana Tea [Episode 184]

A premium, smooth, and generally very nice tea from Bana Tea. The 2007 Kunlu is very solid base material.

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1998 Evening Fragrant Jade via Bana Tea [Episode 179]

A very relaxing, subtle older pu’erh from Bana Tea.

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2015 Red Yiwu Seasonal Comparison (Bana Tea) [Episode 157]

Spring vs. Summer vs. Autumn comparison of Bana Tea‘s Red Yiwu. Material is all from 2015.

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2012 Denong Lao Banzhang (Bana Tea) [Episode 156]

Tea from the uber-hyped Lao Banzhang region. Thanks to Linda Louie over at Bana Tea for the sample.

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2009 Sanhehao Yiwu via Bana Tea Compression/Storage Comparison [Episode 148]

In episode 148, Denny and James compare the same base material stored in loose maocha form (California) vs. the caked China-Stored version. Very interesting comparison and big thanks to Bana Tea for providing the materia (the 2009 Sanhehao)l

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The Cult of Yang. Easter Edition. YQH Part 2

Santa Claus didn’t come this year? No problem.. Easter’s early this year.. And while it’s not traditionally much of a gift giving holiday, who’s not above spiking the kid’s easter egg hunt with a few adult treats. I’m not remotely … Continue reading

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Bana Tea’s Tribute White [Episode 144]

Another nice change of pace. This white tea is from Linda Louie at Bana Tea.

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Awkwardness in Pu’erh & A Brief Survey

Thanks to Linda, Scott, and Paul for answering my questions! Raw pu’erh is very tricky. From the time it is processed to consumption the tea is constantly changing. There are ebbs and flows in how the tea develops and what tastes … Continue reading

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