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2016 Vesper Chan’s Red Sunset Ripe Pu’erh via Bana Tea [Inbetweenisode 168]

This episode, James brings on a boutique ripe pu’erh, under Vesper Chan’s (Best Tea House) label. This is a thick, elegant, very tasty ripe pu’erh. 7.2 Rating. Shoutout to Oolong Owl for turning me onto this tea. https://www.banateacompany.com/pages/puerh_teas-Red_Sunset.html http://oolongowl.com/

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2004 Heshihua Jingmai via Bana Tea [Episode 219]

This episode Denny and James drink a Jingmai semi-aged pu’erh from Bana Tea. A well-balanced brew with a really nice huigan.

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Extended Episode LA vs. HK Dry 2011 Treasures from Five Mountains Storage Comparison [Inbetweenisode 121]

A storage comparison of LA vs. HK dry stored Treasures from Five Mountains. Thank you to Linda Louie of Bana Tea for sending in these samples!

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2007 Kunlu via Bana Tea [Episode 184]

A premium, smooth, and generally very nice tea from Bana Tea. The 2007 Kunlu is very solid base material.

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1998 Evening Fragrant Jade via Bana Tea [Episode 179]

A very relaxing, subtle older pu’erh from Bana Tea.

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2015 Red Yiwu Seasonal Comparison (Bana Tea) [Episode 157]

Spring vs. Summer vs. Autumn comparison of Bana Tea‘s Red Yiwu. Material is all from 2015.

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2012 Denong Lao Banzhang (Bana Tea) [Episode 156]

Tea from the uber-hyped Lao Banzhang region. Thanks to Linda Louie over at Bana Tea for the sample.

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2009 Sanhehao Yiwu via Bana Tea Compression/Storage Comparison [Episode 148]

In episode 148, Denny and James compare the same base material stored in loose maocha form (California) vs. the caked China-Stored version. Very interesting comparison and big thanks to Bana Tea for providing the materia (the 2009 Sanhehao)l

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The Cult of Yang. Easter Edition. YQH Part 2

Santa Claus didn’t come this year? No problem.. Easter’s early this year.. And while it’s not traditionally much of a gift giving holiday, who’s not above spiking the kid’s easter egg hunt with a few adult treats. I’m not remotely … Continue reading

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Bana Tea’s Tribute White [Episode 144]

Another nice change of pace. This white tea is from Linda Louie at Bana Tea.

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